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We know just how difficult a time it can be when a loved one dies. The feelings of shock, loss and bewilderment can take over our lives. It is also a time when there are so many things to be done.

The Bury Council Bereavement Guide is a free publication, which is aimed specifically at helping you through this difficult time.

It will help you to access all the information you need to assist you through your bereavement, including suggestions of organisations you might like to contact for support. It will let you know what is required by law and what your choices are within it. The guide will hopefully provide you with a sympathetic, helpful, and considerate service, as it is important that you have the most useful and clearest guidance to make sure that the arrangements you make are the ones that are best for you, your family, and friends.

How can you get help and support with bereavement

There are many organisations that can help and support you following bereavement. Below is a list of some of them, which might be helpful to you at this time.

Greater Manchester Bereavement Service can help to find support for anyone in Greater Manchester that has been bereaved or affected by a death. Visit: Greater Manchester Bereavement Service

Bury Hospice Bereavement Support help children, young people and families through bereavement and grief care, information and support groups. Visit Bury Hospice Bereavement Support

Support is available if you are finding it hard to cope with stress, anxiety, or depression. Visit: NHS - Grief after bereavement or loss

Support to parents whose children have died. Visit: The Compassionate Friends.

Helping with all the things that people affected by cancer want and need. Visit: Macmillan Cancer Support.

Nationwide service of bereavement counselling, advice, information, and social contact. Visit: Cruse Bereavement Support.

For parents of a baby who has died suddenly and unexpectedly. Visit: Lullaby Trust - Safer sleep for babies, Support for families.

Support and information on all aspects of pregnancy loss (miscarriage up to 24 weeks and ectopic pregnancy). Visit: Miscarriage Association.

Support to those bereaved or injured in a road crash. Visit: Road Peace.

Someone you can talk to who will give you support. Visit: Samaritans.

The national charity helping serving and ex-service men, women, and their families in need. Visit: SSAFA - The armed forces charity (Greater Manchester).

Support, help, counselling, and advice for anyone with or concerned about AIDS or HIV infection. Visit: Terrence Higgins Trust.

Support to parents bereaved through pregnancy loss, still-birth, or neonatal death. Visit: Sands - Stillbirth and neonatal death society.

Advice, help and support to all war widows and dependants. Visit: War Widows' Association.

View our Bereavement Guide e-brochure

You can also download a PDF version: pdf icon Bereavement Guide [3Mb], or view the main content by clicking on the links below.

Bereavement guide

  • The First Steps

    Bereavement guide - section 1: What must you do when someone dies, who to contact and what documents you will need.

  • Tell us once

    Bereavement guide - section 2: This is a service that lets you report a death to most government organisations in one go.

  • Registering a death

    Bereavement guide - section 3: How and where can you register a death, and find information you will need to provide.

  • Registering a still-birth

    Bereavement guide - section 4: What you need to do to register a still-birth, who can register it, what information you'll need and what certificates will be issued.

  • What if your loved one died abroad?

    Bereavement guide - section 5: What you need to know about identifying the person who died, repatriation (or local burial), personal possessions, documents etc.

  • The funeral

    Bereavement guide - section 6: Arranging, planning and paying for a funeral, the role of the funeral director and documents you will need.

  • The estate

    Bereavement guide - section 7: Sorting out the estate of the deceased, cancelling Council services, applying for probate and what to do if there is no will.

  • Choosing flowers for a funeral

    Bereavement guide - section 8: Information about flowers, wreaths, tributes, posies etc.

  • Bereavement support

    Bereavement guide - section 9: There are many organisations that can help and support you following bereavement. Here we a list of some of them, which might be useful to you at this time.