Prestwich High Street regeneration scheme

Prestwich High Street regeneration scheme

The Prestwich Regeneration Strategy, approved July 2009, includes a shared vision that:

"Prestwich will be centred on a lively high street, full of independent retailers, where traffic adds to the vitality of the town centre and the street scene rather than dominating the environment."

The strategy identified that the improvement of Bury New Road would help to regenerate the high street and the wider Prestwich area / town centre.

The Prestwich Regeneration Strategy proposed several options for the improvement of Bury New Road. Bury Council, with the help of the Prestwich Township Forum, Township Regeneration Group and the A56 Design Group, took these options and developed them further to create a scheme which aimed to:

  • Improve the town centre environment for all
  • Improve pedestrian movement and accessibility
  • Support local businesses
  • Reduce the impact of traffic while maintaining traffic flows
  • Create the right conditions to attract additional public and private investment

The key issues

  • Narrow pavements with traffic dominating the street scene detracts from the overall pedestrian experience
  • The layout of the busy road acts as a barrier and makes it difficult for pedestrians to move around or cross the road
  • Poor overall environment
  • Traffic congestion
  • Parking on the carriageways causes confusion and lane swapping that adds to traffic congestion

Public consultation on the proposal ran from 16 November to the 30 December 2015. In March 2016 the Council granted approval to proceed.

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