Local election results 2016

Election of Borough Councillors, Thursday, 5 May 2016

Winning candidates in each ward are marked with *

Besses ward

Besses result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Elizabeth Fitzgerald *Labour1426
Joanne GardnerGreen132
David LewisConservative486
Katriona MiddletonLiberal Democrats106
Stephen MorrisEnglish Democrats280

Effective electorate: 7925.
Spoiled votes: 9.
Poll: 30.8%.

Church ward

Church result - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Andrew HuntGreen188
Gavin McGillLabour1102
Rodney RewLiberal Democrats97
Roy-Edward Walker *Conservative 2061

Effective electorate: 8239.
Spoiled votes: 7.
Poll: 41.9%.

 East ward

East result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Glyn HeathGreen286
Tahira ShaffiConservative616
Stella Smith *Labour1566

Effective electorate: 7835.
Spoiled votes: 18.
Poll: 31.7%.

Elton ward 

Elton result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Charlotte AllenGreen123
Dave BentleyUK Independence Party465
Jacob RoydeLiberal Democrats77
Susan Southworth *Labour1418
Dene VernonConservative1312

Effective electorate: 8564.
Spoiled votes: 4.
Poll: 39.7%.

Holyrood ward 

Holyrood result - Liberal Democrats gain from Labour
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Janneke CalleGreen139
Paddy HeneghanLabour1463
Nicholas JonesConservative280
Steve Wright *Liberal Democrats1733
Angela ZwierzanskiUK Independence Party229

Effective electorate: 8561.
Spoiled votes: 8.
Poll: 45.0%.

Moorside ward 

Moorside result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Victor HaganUK Independence Party569
Larissa HeathGreen135
Luis McBriarConservative511
Annette McKay *Labour1375
Sam StretchLiberal Democrats90

Effective electorate: 8463.
Spoiled votes: 8.
Poll: 31.8%.

North Manor ward 

North Manor result - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Ewan ArthurLiberal Democrats179
Timothy ButcherLabour1066
Dorothy Gunther *Conservative2281
Mary HeathGreen225

Effective electorate: 8060.
Spoiled votes: 13.
Poll: 46.6%.

Pilkington Park ward 

Pilkington Park result - Conservative gain from Independent
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Wilfrid DavisonLiberal Democrats134
Zachery GarsiaGreen114
Debra GreenLabour1197
Oliver Kersh *Conservative1760

Effective electorate: 7472.
Spoiled votes: 7.
Poll: 43.0%.

Radcliffe East ward 

Radcliffe East result - Labour gain from Green
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Rhyse Cathcart *Labour1242
Robert GrahamLiberal Democrats142
Phil HusbandUK Independence Party506
Niamh McGarry-GribbinGreen180
Zain ShahConservative432

Effective electorate: 8489.
Spoiled votes: 6.
Poll: 29.6%.

Radcliffe North ward 

Radcliffe North result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Matthew BaileyGreen113
Sharon Briggs *Labour1456
Carl CurranConservative1000
Michael ZwierzanskiUK Independence Party539

Effective electorate: 8367.
Spoiled votes: 6.
Poll: 37.2%.

Radcliffe West ward 

Radcliffe West result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Tony Cummings *Labour1303
Liam DeanConservative458
Ian HendersonUK Independence Party438
Kamran IslamLiberal Democrats53
Karen WoodGreen83

Effective electorate: 8081.
Spoiled votes: 3.
Poll: 28.9%.

Ramsbottom ward 

Ramsbottom result - Conservative gain from Labour
CandidatePartyVotes polled
David BarkerUK Independence Party372
Karen LeachLabour1658
Ian Schofield *Conservative1695
Zarrin ShannonGreen141

Effective electorate: 8810.
Spoiled votes: 7.
Poll: 44.0%.

Redvales ward 

Redvales result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Julie GreenConservative867
Shaheena Haroon *Labour1729
Paul JohnstoneGreen367

Effective electorate: 8641.
Spoiled votes: 25.
Poll: 34.6%.

Sedgley ward 

Sedgley result - Conservative gain from Labour
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Elizabeth ClaytonLiberal Democrats233
Kamila LaingGreen168
David Silbiger *Conservative1693
Andrea SimpsonLabour1633

Effective electorate: 8553.
Spoiled votes: 21.
Poll: 43.8%.

St. Marys ward 

St. Marys result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Jozias Bailey-SharamGreen126
Jane Black *Labour1349
Danny FranksConservative463
Michael PowellLiberal Democrats1330

Effective electorate:7803.
Spoiled votes: 5.
Poll: 42.0%.

Tottington ward 

Tottington result - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
David FossLiberal Democrats116
Hazel GormanUK Independence Party417
Martin HayesLabour929
Greg Keeley *Conservative1367
Carmel WalkerGreen103

Effective electorate: 7806.
Spoiled votes: 7.
Poll: 37.7%.

Unsworth ward 

Unsworth result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Tony CloughUK Independence Party411
Nicole HaydockGreen66
David Jones *Labour1365
Steve MiddletonLiberal Democrats114
Bernard VincentConservative885

Effective electorate:7162.
Spoiled votes: 3.
Poll: 39.7%.

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