Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

Over the next twenty years there is a need to deliver continued sustainable economic growth, creating more jobs and new homes for the people of Greater Manchester.

We are working together with the nine other local authorities in Greater Manchester to produce a joint plan (the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework - GMSF) to deliver this growth and to ensure that these new homes and jobs are provided in the right places with the transport (roads, rail, Metrolink) and other infrastructure to support communities and manage growth sustainably.

The GMSF will act as the overarching development plan for each district within Greater Manchester. We will then provide more detailed policies to help deliver the GMSF vision within Bury's own Local Plan.

If you would like to know more about the GMSF or would like to register an interest in receiving further information and updates about the GMSF as they become available, you can do so at Greater Manchester Combined Authority - Greater Manchester Spatial Framework or by emailing

Consultation on the draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

Formal consultation on the first draft of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework has now ended. The consultation period ran from 31 October 2016 to 16 January 2017 and included direct notification to the Council's planning contacts, the local media, social media followers. Documents were also made available in libraries and key Council buildings, at several drop-in sessions, presentations to local community groups and at drop-in sessions prior to each of the January round of Township Forums.

A set of 'Frequently Asked Questions' on the Draft GMSF were also made available for the consultation.

All comments received during the consultation period will be considered and used to inform how the plan is taken forward.

The intention is to prepare a revised 'publication' version of the GMSF later this year and, at that stage, there will be further consultation and opportunities to make your views known.

Identifying possible development sites

Since November 2015 local residents, businesses, land owners and developers have been invited to identify sites they think could be suitable for housing or employment development under a 'Call for Sites' exercise.

This will help to determine whether there are areas of land available for development that individual districts or Greater Manchester are not currently aware of. The 'Call for Sites' remains open and you can submit any sites that you feel are suitable.

Further information

Details of the previous consultation on Strategic Options, the initial technical evidence base produced and the comments received are still available to download from Greater Manchester Combined Authority.


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