Village greens

The Commons Act 2006 allows for applications to be made to register land as a new village green. Designation affords a significant level of protection to the site. For the application to succeed, applicants will need to show that the land in question has been used:

  • for a period of at least 20 years
  • for the purposes of lawful sports and pastimes
  • 'as of right' (for example, without force, secrecy or permission)
  • by the inhabitants of a locality, or a neighbourhood within a locality.

Alternatively, a landowner may voluntarily register land as a new village green, in which case, it is not necessary to demonstrate a set period of use.

How to register land as a new village green

Go to Gov.UK for full information and application form

Completed applications for land within the Borough of Bury should be sent to the Council Solicitor at Bury Town Hall, Knowsley Street, Bury, BL9 OSW. The Council is the 'registration authority' but the merits of an application are likely to be assessed by an inspector appointed to chair a public hearing and report the findings.

Previous applications to register land as a village green

  1. Land near Whitehead Lodges at Lowercroft - application refused in 2004
  2. Land off School Lane, Walmersley - application refused in 2014
  3. Church Fields, Ramsbottom - application refused in 2014

There are currently no village greens in the borough.

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