Bury Registered Tradesman Scheme

Bury Registered Tradesman Scheme

The scheme

The Bury Registered Tradesman Scheme has been set up to help residents by providing a list of reputable businesses who can help make repairs and improvements to their homes.

Please note that the Bury Registered Tradesman Scheme is currently being reassessed, as a result of which the list is being withdrawn for the duration of that assessment.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Your questions answered

How will I recognise a business that has joined the Scheme?

Members will use the Scheme's logo. Members will also be included on a list available from Bury Trading Standards or downloadable from this page.

Do I have to register or pay to use the Scheme?

No, the service and the list are free.

Does the scheme guarantee the lowest price?

No, members do not have to give the lowest price, prices should be reasonable and agreed in advance.

How can I be sure that the businesses on the Scheme are reliable?

To be on the scheme the business must comply with the checks we carry out, this includes
looking at past complaints.

Does this mean I will never have a problem with a business that is on the Scheme?

No, it is not possible to ensure that things will never go wrong, however if you have a problem, the member must deal with you in a fair manner. Bury Trading Standards will try to assist you to reach a solution.

Does the Scheme guarantee the quality of goods or workmanship?

Businesses are committed to complying with the spirit and letter of the law. We cannot guarantee the quality of the work, but we will take action against businesses who give rise to regular complaints.

What if there is no one suitable listed?

We will try to ensure there are as many members covering as many trades as possible on the Scheme. If you think there is a gap in the membership let us know and we will try to recruit in that area.

Can I recommend a business for membership?

Yes, if you have had a good service from a business we will be please to receive your recommendation, just let us know the details.

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