Muslim burials

Legal requirements for registering the death

A death must be registered within five days unless the coroner is investigating the circumstances around the death. There may be a delay until the coroner has completed their investigations. The death must be registered in the district where the death occurred.

When your loved one has passed away you need to obtain the medical cause of death certificate issued by a medical practitioner, without this your loved one cannot be buried.

If your loved one has passed away at home or a care home under the active care of the GP, the cause of death certificate is obtained from the GP. If they have passed away at a hospital or hospice the cause of death certificate will be obtained from the attending doctor. Under certain circumstances the death may be referred to a coroner.

Registering the death

Once you have the medical cause of death certificate you will need to contact the Registrar. The Registrar will issue a certificate for burial. See here for information needed and to make an appointment to Register a death.

An emergency certificate for burial can be issued between 4.30pm Friday to 9am Monday (out of hours) by contacting Bury Registrar Office on 0161 253 6026 or one of the Muslim community representatives below

  • Mr Liaqat Ali on 0161 766 6324/ 07877196526
  • Mr Mohammed Akram on 07709231949
  • Mr Shazad Ahmad on 07951515115

The above certificate will not be issued in some cases, for example, if the cause of death is not known, if the death was caused by an accident, or if the death was sudden.

This may result in the coroner being involved. If this occurs, the coroner will issue an alternative certificate, which again, must be passed to us. In this instance, a post-mortem may be required or other investigations (for example, MRI scanning), which may delay the funeral by a day or two.

The Registrar will issue you with two very important documents, the certificate of burial and the certificate of registration of death.


If you have a funeral director, you must give the certificate of burial to them as soon as possible. They will use this to take possession of the deceased from the hospital mortuary, you can then decide if your loved one is to be taken to a place of worship, home, or your funeral directors mortuary.

The funeral director will contact the Cemetery officials and request a date and time for the funeral. The funeral director will transport your loved one to the cemetery, at the cemetery the burial certificate is given to the cemetery official and is kept by them.

Notice of burial (interim form)

If you prefer not to use a funeral director, you must complete and sign a formal application and indemnity for the burial. This can be obtained from Bury Cemetery office. This form confirms your telephone booking and completes a binding contract over the funeral. We require this form as soon as possible on the day of the burial.

You will need to arrange a funeral by contacting Bury Cemetery Office. Bury Cemetery Office, St Peter's Road, Bury, BL9 9RL.

Phone: 0161 253 6510, Email:

The cemetery office is open Monday to Thursday, 8am to 4pm and Fridays, 8am to 1pm. Funerals to be booked in weekdays by 12 noon. The legal certificate of burial must have been obtained before booking the funeral.

Information we require when booking a burial

  • Funeral date and time - The date and time when the funeral cortege will arrive at the cemetery gates
  • Details of the deceased - The name, age, and address of the deceased (Please note there is an increase in the charge if the deceased did not live in the borough of Bury)
  • Type of burial - Whether the burial will be in a coffin, casket, or shroud
  • Grave size - The dimensions of the grave are 8 feet by 3 feet 2 inches with a 12 inch space between each grave. You will need to notify us of the coffin size to ensure that the grave is dug to the correct size to fit the coffin or shroud
  • Type of grave - Whether the grave is a vault or earthen
  • Person arranging the funeral - This can be a funeral director or a family member. This person is responsible for paying the required fees and making sure that all relevant paperwork and burial certificate are completed, to be handed in at the cemetery office

This now completes the telephone arrangements, and you must now proceed as follows.


You will need to consider the following fees.

  • New grave fee (purchasing the exclusive right of burial)
  • Burial fee (dependent on the age of the deceased)
  • Timber or concrete vault fee (used to line the inside of the grave)
  • Out-of-hours surcharge (a list of normal burial times is available from the Cemetery Office)

See Fees and charges for burials.

How to book a funeral outside of normal hours

Phone Bury Council Emergency Services on 0161 253 6639 or 0161 253 6606.

Please note: To comply with health and safety regulations please be aware that funerals are not allowed to take place later than 4pm on any day in summer and no later than 3pm on any day in winter. This is to ensure that the vault is closed, and all soil is returned to the grave during daylight hours.

Purchased and non-purchased graves

Purchased graves

The person purchasing the exclusive rights to a grave space acquires only the right of burial in the grave for the period granted (usually 99 years). The ownership of the land and responsibilities remain the property of Bury Council. As the owner, you will be eligible to apply for a permit to place and maintain a memorial on the grave space.


Memorials cannot be erected without a permit and an 'Authority to place and maintain a memorial' form must be completed. If a memorial is placed on the grave space without a permit this could be removed. Memorials are governed by strict regulations, which are available from the Cemetery Office. Memorials cannot be erected without a permit.

The mounding of a grave is allowed to a height of 300mm, and the maximum allowed for the gardening of graves or kerb sets is 7' by 3'

Non-purchased graves (known as a public/pauper grave)

The ownership of the exclusive right of burial in non-purchased graves remains with Bury Council and it is possible that more than one interment may take place in the grave. Memorials are not permitted on non-purchased graves.

Types of graves available

Timber or concrete vaults

On request, graves will be lined with timber or concrete vault to form an inner shell in the grave space. Please note that we require the following notice for these types of vaults. Timber (wooden) vaults can be supplied. However, it may not be possible to arrange for this type of vault at short notice as it is not always possible to have the timber in stock and the correct staff available.

  • Timber vault - 2 days
  • Concrete vault - 1 day

Earth graves

Earthen graves are provided. However, for health and safety requirements, the council gravediggers must be allowed to remove the shoring, complete the back filling, and remove the grass matting. It may be possible to provide an earthen grave for an out of hours burial providing sufficient notice is given

Burial chamber

A burial chamber is a concrete vault sealed with concrete slabs. Burials are permitted in either a suitable container for burial (a coffin) or the deceased can be wrapped in a shroud. If a shroud is to be used, a suitable container must be provided to transport the deceased to the graveside. Consideration also needs to be given to how the deceased will be placed into the grave (see section about 'lowering the deceased).