Instructor-led fitness class timetable at Castle Leisure Centre

Instructor-led fitness class timetable

There are many fitness classes available, each one has different benefits.

All our classes are suitable for men and women of all fitness levels. Instructors will adapt classes to fit the needs of everyone taking part.

Descriptions of each class are listed at the end of this page.

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Instructor-led fitness class timetable - Monday

10am-11amFit 'n' 50+Studio 1
10am-10.45amKettlerciseStudio 2
10.45am-11.30amPilatesStudio 2
11am-12pmBodypumpStudio 1
12pm-1pmStrong by ZumbaStudio 1
1pm-1.45pm60+ Tone 'n' MoveStudio 1
5.30pm-6.30pmAdvanced PilatesStudio 2
5.45pm-6.45pmBodystepStudio 1
6.30pm-7.30pmAdvanced PilatesStudio 2
6.45pm-7.30pmKettlerciseStudio 1
6.45pm-7.30pmSpinningSpin studio
7.30pm-8.15pmBums Legs TumsStudio 1
7.30pm-8.15pmCircuitStudio 2
8.15pm-9pmStrong by ZumbaStudio 1
Instructor-led fitness class timetable - Tuesday
­­10am-11pmBodypumpStudio 1
11am-11.45amZumbaStudio 1
11am-12pmHatha YogaStudio 2
11.15am-11.45amAqua aerobicsTeaching pool
12.15pm-12.45pmBodystepStudio 1
12.45pm-1.15pmPilates - Bums Legs TumsStudio 1
5.30pm-6.30pmFight FXStudio 1
5.30pm-6.15pmSpinningSpin studio
6.30pm-7.15pmKettlerciseStudio 1
6.30pm-7.15pmSpinningSpin studio
7.30pm-8.30pmBodypumpStudio 1
Instructor-led fitness class timetable - Wednesday
10am-11amFit 'n' 60+Studio 1
11am-12pmPilatesStudio 2
12pm-1pmBodypumpStudio 1
5.30pm-6.30pmBodypumpStudio 1
5.30pm-6.15pmPilatesStudio 2
6.30pm-7.30pmStrong by ZumbaStudio 1
7.30pm-8.15pmBums Legs TumsStudio 1
Instructor-led fitness class timetable - Thursday
9.30am-10amAqua aerobicsTeaching pool
10am-10.45amKettlerciseStudio 1
11am-11.45amHIT 45Studio 1
12pm-12.45pmBodystepStudio 1
12pm-12.45pmPilatesStudio 2
5.15pm-6.15pmYogaStudio 2
5.30pm-6.15pmSpinningSpin studio
6.30pm-7.30pmFight FXStudio 1
6.45pm-7.30pmCircuitStudio 2
6.45pm-7.30pmSpinningSpin studio
7.30pm-8.30pmBodypumpStudio 1
Instructor-led fitness class timetable - Friday
9.30am-10.15amFight FXStudio 1
10am-11amFit'n'50Studio 2
10.30am-11.15amZumbaStudio 1
11.15am-12.15amBodypumpStudio 1
Instructor-led fitness class timetable - Saturday
9.30am-10.30amSpinningSpin studio
10.30am to 11.30amBodystepStudio 1
11.30am-12.15pmStrong by ZumbaStudio 1
Instructor-led fitness class timetable - Sunday
9.30am-10.30amBodystepStudio 1
10.30am-11.30amBodypumpStudio 1
11.45am-12.30pmFight FXStudio 1

Instructor-led fitness class descriptions

View classes to help improve fitness 
View classes to help improve strength and conditioning using weights 
View classes for the mind and body 
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60+ Tone 'n' move
Low impact exercises using balls and tubes to improve overall fitness, flexibility and strength.

The ultimate step workout, one of the fastest ways to tone your bum and thighs, burn fat, improve co-ordination and muscle strength.

Bums, legs and tums
Toning exercises for the lower region.

A mixture of body resistence techniques with and without equipment for an all over cardio and muscle tone workout.

Fight FX
Non-contact work-out, improves both fitness levels and bodyshape.

Fit 'n' 50
Low impact gentle exercises to improve overall fitness, flexibility and strength.

High intensity interval training for a full body workout.

A fun indoor cycling work-out. A great way to burn calories and reduce body fat.

Strong by Zumba
A demanding hour-long session that works your entire body. Combining muscle conditioning and cardio moves synced to original music.

Inspired by traditional Latin rhythms and international dance steps, Zumba has got people of all ages falling in love with its infectious music, dance steps and body-beautifying benefits!

Strength and conditioning using weights

High repetition weight training with aerobic conditioning. It will tone and condition your body, can help you lose weight and ultimately change your shape.

Works the entire body. It will help you lose weight and tone up. Suitable for all abilities as options will be given.

Mind and body

Emphasises on both strength and stretch. Corrects imbalances, improves posture, increases circulation and clarifies the mind.

Hatha yoga
Helps reduce high blood pressure, trains the mind and body and helps improves respiratory system.


Aqua aerobics
Classes take place in shallow water and last between 30 minutes and an hour. A great way to get fit, it keeps the heart and lungs healthy whilst toning the body and reducing fat.

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