Fitness sessions at Radcliffe Leisure Centre

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We have a great selection of sessions on offer suitable for men and women of all levels of fitness, each class as different benefits. All our classes are delivered by our fully qualified and friendly instructors.  If you haven't tried any of our fitness classes and are unsure of which one to try, phone Julie our studio co-ordinator on 0161 253 7729. Julie will help you choose the right class for you.

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Fitness session timetable

Fitness class timetable at Radcliffe Leisure Centre
Monday10.30am-11.15amAqua aerobics
Monday6.45pm-7.30pmAqua aerobics
Tuesday7.30pm-8.15pmBoogie Bounce*
Wednesday10.30am-11.15amAqua aerobics
Thursday10.30am-11.15amGentle aqua exercise
Thursday6.45pm-7.30pmStrong by Zumba

Fitness class descriptions

The ultimate step workout, that makes you feel liberated and alive. One of the fastest ways to tone your bum and thighs, burn fat, improve co-ordination and muscle strength.

An exercise class designed for all fitness levels, Pound® is a cardio jam session inspired by the fun of playing the drums!

Gentle aqua exercise 
Gentle exercise to music with a qualified instructor to soothe aches and pains.

Works the entire body. It will help you lose weight and tone up. Suitable for all abilities as options will be given.

Inspired by traditional Latin rhythms and international dance steps, Zumba has got people of all ages falling in love with its infectious music, dance steps and body-beautifying benefits!

Boogie Bounce 
Is fab, fun, funky and burns fat. It is a complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline, with a safety bar, choreographed to chart topping inspiring music which includes an extremely effective cardio section! Every muscle in the body is worked - even the facial muscles! *Please note: Boogie Bounce costs £2.50 for Active Lifestyle members and £5 for non-members.

Aqua aerobics
Classes take place in shallow water and last between 30 minutes and an hour. A great way to get fit, it keeps the heart and lungs healthy whilst toning the body and reducing fat.

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