Active Lifestyle corporate membership

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce!

The health and wellbeing of employees is crucial to the success of any business. Employees are at their most productive and creative when their work environment supports them.

Through introduction of a successful health and wellbeing programme absenteeism can significantly reduce, along with staff turnover. This in turn leads to increased skill retention and a reduction in recruitment and training costs.

Where the physical and mental wellbeing of employees is protected and improved, staff morale also gets better and they feel more engaged with their workplace. All these things together can significantly increase productivity.

The benefits to your business

Research shows that an active, healthy workforce generally enjoys:

  • improved performance and greater productivity;
  • improved morale and social interaction;
  • assistance in alleviating stress in the workplace;
  • reduced absenteeism;
  • reduced staff turnover;
  • reduced risk of diseases associated with sedentary lifestyles such as coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease.

The benefits to your employees

With a Bury Leisure Active Lifestyle corporate membership your workforce will have access to excellent facilities at:

  • Castle Leisure Centre, Bury;
  • Ramsbottom Pool & Fitness Centre; and
  • Radcliffe Leisure Centre.

Corporate membership includes:

  • an induction and fitness programme;
  • qualified, friendly and helpful instructors;
  • group fitness classes (there are more than 60 per week);
  • our swimming pools;
  • aqua aerobics classes;
  • sports - squash, badminton, table tennis;
  • on-site free parking at the Radcliffe and Ramsbottom centres (we will refund Castle Leisure Centre customers up to one hour's car parking charges).

How much does membership cost?

Active Lifestyle corporate annual membership
Cost per employee £250 per annum. A one off fee to be paid in-full at the start of the membership, which is non refundable.

What are the savings?

  • Standard annual membership price £300 - saving £50 per year.

There are no individual joining fees and employees receive a free gym induction and personal exercise programme.

Payment options

  • The company pays the membership in full as a benefit of employment.
  • The company could opt for a 50/50 option and pay half, the employee paying the other half - £125 each for annual membership.
  • The company pays the fees upfront for the employees (as shown in the first option) then reclaim the fee (whole or part) back each month throughout the year from the employees salary (companies that offer this facility normally have a greater uptake from their employees who then just have a small monthly fee).

Membership enquiry

Take the next step to a healthier workforce. To arrange a free, no obligation tour at your preferred facility, please complete our membership enquiry form (see the link to 'Bury Leisure membership enquiry' on the right) or contact us for an informal discussion.

Important information

  • The company will require a minimum of 5 employees to sign up at the start of membership to qualify for Bury Leisure's corporate membership scheme, additional employees may join thereafter. There must be a minimum of 5 persons on the scheme at any one time to keep the membership active.
  • The company is required to appoint a representative to administer the company's corporate membership (normally HR or Personnel).
  • All Active Lifestyle corporate memberships are 12 month contracts.
  • Companies are supplied with official individual corporate employee application forms.
  • The Company employee completes the application form and returns to the company administrator processing the memberships. The administrator then sends all complete forms and cheques to the leisure centre for memberships to be processed.

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