Street lighting - LED street light replacement programme

New improved, energy efficient street lights coming to your area

What's happening and when

We are currently working our way around the borough replacing approximately 11,000 street lights on around 1,850 side roads throughout the borough. We are changing these lights to the latest LED (light-emitting diode) street lighting fixtures as part of our LED replacement lighting programme. These new lights will improve the overall efficiency and quality of the street lighting across the borough.

When we are due to replace the street lighting in your area you will receive a leaflet from us. 

Why the need for change? 

Over time the electricity bill for street lighting has increased dramatically. For example, in 2009 the bill was £594,000. By 2013 the bill had risen by nearly £300,000 to £867,000. When the LED lighting replacement programme is complete we estimate that our electricity usage will be reduced by over 855,000 kWH per year. We estimate that this will save at least £200,000 over the coming years. Savings in carbon emissions will be around 234 tonnes per year which will save a further £16,000 on the purchase of carbon allowances.

About LED lighting

LED lighting:

  • has a much longer lamp lifespan and requires a lot less maintenance; 
  • is extremely energy efficient returning at least a 50% saving over traditional sodium lights;
  • provides a white light source with better night-time colour recognition; and
  • concentrates the light onto the road and footway where it is needed, with less light pollution into homes and gardens.

Your questions answered

What work will you need to carry out?

The work we carry out in your area will depend on what lighting columns you currently have.  In most areas all we will need to do is remove the existing lantern and replace it with a new LED lantern.  In other areas we may also need to install extra street lighting columns, raise the height of existing columns, or replace the columns altogether. 

How will this work affect me?

Throughout the works we will do everything we can to keep any disruption to a minimum. If we are only replacing the lanterns on your street, this should only take around 15 minutes per street light. If we need to repair, replace or install a street lighting column the work will take longer as this will involve disconnecting and re-connecting the electricity supply. The work we carry out will not affect the electricity supply into your home.

Will I notice any difference?

Yes. It might take a little time for you to get used to your new LED lighting. You should notice a white light source which allows colours to be more easily identified during the night time. You may also notice that the light is focused downwards rather than spilling into surrounding gardens, driveways or fronts of properties. This makes sure the footpaths and roads are lit to the correct standard. 

Can we choose to keep the street lighting we have now?

No. This is not an option. It costs us too much to maintain the old and inefficient street lights you have now. Switching to LED lighting will improve the reliability of street lighting throughout the borough as well as help save tax payers' money.

Have you had many complaints about LED lighting?

We have previously trialled LED lighting in a number of streets and we did receive some complaints. However, the majority of residents in these areas are happy with their new lighting.

Report a problem with a street light

Report a problem with a street light

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