Roads, pavements and highways

Report a pot hole

Tell us about a pot hole that needs fixing.

Report a faulty street light

Let us know about street lights that are out or not working properly.

Report a pavement issue

Make us aware of issues with flag stones, tarmac, kerbs and verges.

Get the latest road works and closures information

Use this online search to get information about road and street works across Greater Manchester.

Report a road issue

Tell us about pot holes, worn or damaged road markings and collapsed or sunken roads.

Gritting - winter service

Find out about our Winter Service, gritting routes, salt bin locations and tips on clearing ice and snow.

Report a street furniture issue

Tell us about faulty or missing street furniture.

Report a street sign issue

Report a missing, damaged or dangerous street sign.

Report a tree issue

Tell us about issues with trees on the highway or council-owned land.

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