Market Position Statements - Communities and Wellbeing


Bury Council wants to support and encourage providers to develop services and support  in Bury, that  provides  good quality, innovative, personalised  support when customers need it most.  

What is a Market Position Statement (MPS)?

A Market Position Statement updates providers on the social care market locally. It is designed to help providers to identify opportunities and make decisions about how to develop their services in Bury.

  • Grow your business - it can help you to make decisions about which services to invest in for the future and this Market Position Statement will provide intelligence to assist new and existing providers in developing their offer alongside the Council to support vulnerable adults in Bury, their carers, and their families. .
  • Identify gaps in the market - at a time of great change, it can help with innovation. For example, how new requirements in the Care Act 2014 will affect your business (in terms of new responsibilities for Providers and how to meet the needs of a wider range of customers, especially self-funders).
  • React to new business opportunities - it can help providers to find out about customer demand. It can tell you more about how many people have personal budgets and what they are choosing to spend their budget on.

Why do we need an MPS?

The Care Act places new duties on local authorities to facilitate and shape their market for adult care and support as a whole; this Market Position Statement meets this duty. It illustrates the needs of all people in Bury who need care and support, whether arranged or funded by the council, by the individual themselves, or in other ways.

Bury Council wants to work closely with relevant partners and providers including people with care and support needs, carers and their families to stimulate the provider market in order to provide the support people need. This MPS allows local authorities to work with providers in designing and facilitating an innovative and cost effective social care market.

Who can help you to get the most out of this MPS?

  • Strategic Planning and Development Team - This team contributes to supporting the department to commission health and social care services for adults in Bury. By using local intelligence, we aim to understand current public health and social care needs, forecast future demand, identify gaps and shape the market.
  • Provider Relationship Team - Working alongside the Strategic Planning and Development Team, Provider Relationship work with providers of services to ensure quality of care for local residents based on need, to keep people safe, support general wellbeing and ensure services are responsive and continually reviewed to make certain they deliver quality, meet expected standards and offer value for money.

Commissioning Principles

The department for Communities and Wellbeing, recognise the need to continuously transform the way we develop strategies, commission services and support customers and carers in Bury. In order to do this the department will focus on three overarching strategic priority areas;

The department will ensure that the principles outlined below are the foundation for all contracts, service specifications and future tenders.

  1. Services are outcome focused. We will ensure that all outcomes are clear, measurable and aligned to the council and departments strategic vision., We will also ensure that we illustrate how this fits with our duties within the Care Act 2014.
  2. Promote independence, self care and wellbeing;
  3. Services are flexible and personalised to meet the unmet needs of the individual or carer;
  4. Services are sustainable and provide value for money;
  5. Contracts, service specifications and tender documents will all be developed in the spirit of openness, transparency and a shared desire to improve outcomes for the citizens of Bury.