MINT business information - only accessible from within libraries

Mint UK has four modules; companies, news, industry research and directors and contains:

  • Information on companies and unincorporated businesses throughout the UK
  • Top level financial information - with detailed financial information as an option
  • Peer groups and comparisons
  • Graphs of key financials
  • Credit score and rating - with easy-to-interpret illustrations
  • Google maps
  • Company structures and the corporate family
  • Shareholders, subsidiaries and branches
  • News articles from various high profile sources, plus a Web Watch facility to capture 'real time' news
  • M&A activity and rumours
  • Contact information including directors and other key contacts
  • Industry research

Searching MINT using Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes

MINT can be searched using words or SIC codes. A list of the current SIC codes is available below.

pdf icon SIC codes [523kb]

Search MINT

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