Local nature reserves

About local nature reserves

Local nature reserves are areas of green space for both people and wildlife.

To qualify for LNR status, a site must be of importance for wildlife, geology, education or public enjoyment. Some are also nationally important Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

There are currently six local nature reserves in the Bury area:

What Is the Local Nature Reserves Project?

The Local Nature Reserves Project in Bury was initiated through a grant from English Nature's (now Natural England) Wildspace! grant scheme in 2001.

The aim of the Wildspace! grant scheme was to encourage local authorities and other organisations to manage and develop local nature reserves, particularly in areas that lack accessible green space. An essential part of the project is to encourage local communities to take an active interest in the improvement of their environment and its wildlife. Bury's Local Nature Reserves Officer works closely with local community groups to encourage community involvement in local nature reserves and assist these groups in the management of these sites.

Community action

Since the start of the local nature reserves project, hundreds of volunteer workdays have been undertaken on the local nature reserves in Bury. Some of the practical tasks have included repairing fencing, laying hedges, planting trees and wild flowers, habitat management and improving footpaths.

The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) has co-ordinated many of the practical activities together with officers from Bury Council and Bury Countryside Service. The success of many of these projects would not have been possible without the help of local people, community groups and schools.

Create your own nature reserve...

Explore the possibilities of introducing wildlife into your garden to create your own nature reserve. The Gardening and Wildlife leaflet explains the rules to working with nature and helps to make your garden a haven for local wildlife. More leaflets can be obtained from the tourist information, all local libraries, council offices and the Barn Countryside Centre, Philips Park and by going to planning publications web page.

Countryside management

To request a repair or report damage to the countryside, contact our Customer Contact Team on 0161 253 5353.

For further information about LNR issues and to find out about local meetings, please contact the Local Nature Reserves Officer in the Planning Policy and Projects team.

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