Hackney carriage vehicle licence

Important information about your application

  • Before you complete an application form, you must read Bury Council's pdf icon Guide to the Testing of Hackney Carriage Vehicles [29kb] which contains important information on the vehicle category (M1) and specification of vehicles that can have a licence.
  • Hackney carriage (public hire) vehicles will only be licensed in the name of the Registered Keeper and not in the name of a business or firm.
  • We cannot accept an application to licence a vehicle without the production of a Registration Document (DVLA FORM V5) showing the licence applicant as the Registered Keeper.
  • If you have forwarded the V5 to the DVLA to have the Registration details changed and are not in possession of the V5/2 'New keepers supplement' (Green tear off section) containing your details together with a bill of sale, we cannot process your application until you have received the registration document back from the DVLA.
  • Applicants must be aware of the relevant provisions of the Bylaws made under the Town Police clauses Act 1847 and the local Government (Miscellaneous provision) Act 1976. 
  • Only the applicant or their representative can pick up the vehicle plates the next working day after the vehicle passes the MOT on Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 9.30am to 10.30am and 3pm to 4pm.
  • The applicant must produce the interim test date sheet, pass certificate and an original valid certificate of insurance when collecting the vehicle plates. (Faxed or photocopied insurance certificates will not be accepted).

How to apply for a hackney carriage vehicle licence

Complete and submit the hackney carriage vehicle licence application form

Next, print and sign the form

Once you have submitted the form, print and sign it.

Now, make an appointment

You will need to contact Bury Licensing Service to make an appointment to complete your application.

Please make sure you take all the required documents together with the licence fee to your appointment. Please note: We only accept payments by debit or credit card.

Conditions and information for owners of hackney carriage vehicles

1. Identification plates, identification cards and test certificates

  • When we issue your identification plates, you must fix them to the front and back of the vehicle.
  • You must make sure your identification plates can be seen at all times.
  • Your identification plates must be fixed to the vehicle securely. However, you must be able to remove them if we or the police ask you to do so.
  • You must keep your interim test certificate inside your windscreen wallet so it can be seen from the outside of the vehicle. You should also put your driver identification card inside the windscreen wallet so that people who are in your vehicle can clearly see your photograph and ID number.

2. Testing

  • We will test your vehicle up to twice a year, however where a vehicle regardless of age, which fails any two consecutive periodic inspections with 3 or more MOT failure faults (as defined in the VOSA MOT Inspection Manual for Private Passenger & Light Commercial Vehicle Testing) will result in the vehicle having to undergo 2 interim tests per year.. Please remember that, by law, we can insist on a test at any time. pdf icon Download our guidelines to testing vehicles for a hackney carriage licence [29kb]

3. Condition of the vehicle

  • You must make sure that the vehicle is kept is good condition. We can inspect and test the vehicle at any time to make sure it reaches our standards.
  • You must keep the inside and outside of the vehicle clean and safe.
  • You must not alter the private hire vehicle in any way without first checking with us.
  • Seats must be properly covered and upholstered.
  • Floors must be covered with mats, carpets and other coverings which are clean and in good condition.
  • Any damage to upholstery or carpets must be professionally repaired.

4. Fire extinguisher

  • You must carry a fire extinguisher which must be fixed so that you can reach it while you are driving. The fire extinguisher must contain foam or powder. It must be at least 0.9kg and made to British Standards 5423. (We may change the type of extinguisher we ask you to use - we will tell you about this.)

5. Damage to vehicles

  • You must tell us if you have an accident or damage your vehicle in any way which affects its safety; performance; or appearance.
  • You must do this within 72 hours of the accident. If we think the damage is serious, we will tell you not to use the vehicle until it has been repaired and we have checked this.

6. Advertisements

  • You must not display any sign, notice, name, telephone number or advertisement in or from the Hackney carriage except the word 'TAXI' when it forms part of the design feature of the vehicle, unless we have given you permission. You must check with our Licensing Officer before you use any new signs.

7. Council notices

  • You must display any notices we ask you to display. We will tell you where you must display these notices.

8. Passengers

  • The driver must not allow the vehicle to carry more than the maximum number of passengers shown on the licence, regardless of the age of the passengers.

9. Taximeters

  • If the vehicle is fitted with a taximeter, we must approve it, and it must:
    • be fitted in line with our instructions;
    • be in working order at all times;
    • show one tariff rate only;
    • not be switched on until the passenger has got into the vehicle;
    • not be tampered with; and
    • not be changed without our permission.
  • You must not alter the tariff without telling us first.

10. Fare table

  • You must display the fare table where it can be easily seen and read by passengers in the vehicle.

11. Driver vehicle licences

  • You must keep the Hackney carriage vehicle licences of all the drivers of the vehicle. You must show these to an authorised officer if they ask you to.

12. Convictions and cautions

  • If you are formally cautioned for an offence or convicted of an offence you must tell us straight away by phoning us on 0161 253 5208, or within seven days in writing to: The Licensing Unit Manager, 3 Knowsley Place, Duke Street, Bury, BL9 0EJ.

13. Insurance

  • You must have insurance to cover all drivers of the vehicle. The insurance policy must be:
    • in force;
    • issued by an approved company; and
    • in line with the 1971 Road Traffic Act.

14. Cheques

  • If you pay for a licence by cheque and the cheque bounces, the licence will not be valid.

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