Planning permission

Councils have to look at all development proposals thoroughly before they go ahead to:

  • make sure they fit in with the Council's development plan for the borough;
  • take matters such as environmental disturbance, amenity and traffic generation into account.

The planners' role is to strike a balance between the wishes of the a person wishing to extend their home or factory and the effect this may have on the general public and the character and amenity of their neighbourhood. It is unwise to go ahead with work without planning permission because it can be very costly and the Council could make you demolish what you have built or make other alterations. The best advice is always check with the Planning Service before you start. The Planning Service will advise you on whether you need planning permission and if so how to go about it. You are advised to put your proposals in writing setting out clearly what you want to do (eg size and position of any works) before contacting us.

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