Planning proposals - have your say

As part of the Council's initiative to encourage more involvement in its work the Planning Control Committee has a policy of listening to views about significant planning proposals. They are often matters of great concern and the Committee has to make decisions in the public interest and in the context of the Development Plan and Planning Policy Guidance.

The Planning Control Committee once a month in Bury Town Hall at 7.00 p.m. If you have made a representation about an application being considered by Planning Control Committee, we will invite you to attend and notify you of the venue, date and time.

Arrive by 6.50 p.m. You will be able to look at the planning application reports on the agenda and let one of the officers know which application you are interested in. It can then be brought forward on the agenda and dealt with in the first part of the meeting.

Each item will be introduced by the Chair who will then invite comments from the public. Only one person will be allowed to speak for, and one against a proposal. If more people are interested they will be asked to agree who the single spokesperson should be. Each speaker will be allowed to speak for a maximum of three minutes.

Where the Committee has visited a site speakers should bear in mind that most Members will be familiar with points made on the visit.

The Assistant Director (Localities) or Development Manager will then bring any necessary information, in addition to that contained in his report, to the Committee's attention. After any further discussion by Committee Members, in which the public cannot take part, the decision will be taken by the Committee.

The Committee's decision is final; but applicants have a right of appeal to the Secretary of State for the Environment if their application is refused or if conditions are attached which they do not like. In this event anyone who has written about the original application will be informed. Third parties e.g. objectors cannot appeal against a decision to grant permission.

After hearing the Committee's decision you are welcome to stay and listen to the discussion about other applications

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