Evidence and monitoring

Housing Land

Evidence about housing land availability, housing need and demands and viability to support the preparation of the Local Plan.


Provides information about employment land within the borough.

Retail and town centres

Sets out research and information about retail and town centres.

Open space, sport and recreation

Information about the quality and quantity of existing open space, sport and recreation facilities and an assessment of the level of need.

Transport and infrastructure

Information about transport and infrastructure to support the preparation of planning policies.

Authority's monitoring report

The Authority's Monitoring Report assesses the impact of planning policies, the amount of development taking place in the Borough and progress in preparing new planning policy documents.


Sets out research and information about energy and the natural environment.

Sustainability Appraisals

A Sustainability Appraisal is a process that must be carried out during the preparation of a Local Plan to assess its environmental, economic and social impacts.

Infrastructure funding statement

Summary of financial contributions the Council has secured through Section 106 agreements.