Statement of Community Involvement

What is a Statement of Community Involvement?

A Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) specifies how the Council will involve the community during plan-making i.e. the preparation of planning documents such as the Bury Local Plan, the Places for Everyone joint plan, Neighbourhood Plans and Supplementary Planning Documents as well as making decisions on planning applications.

Adopted Statement of Community Involvement 2021

Local Planning Authorities are required to keep their Statement of Community Involvement up-to-date and, as a minimum, carry out a review of their Statements of Community Involvement every 5 years from the adoption date.

The SCI was amended in October 2020 to reflect a number of changes to planning legislation, policy and guidance and to include a number of temporary arrangements (shown in red underlined text) for planning-related consultation to reflect that the measures that were in place to help combat the spread of Covid-19 - particularly those forms of engagement that involve public gatherings and/or face-to-face contact whilst social distancing measures are in place. At the meeting on 14 October 2020, Members agreed that the removal of these temporary measures should be delegated to the Cabinet Member for Finance and Growth once restrictions have been lifted.

The latest revisions set out in this SCI (June 2021) reflect the change in circumstances following the withdrawal of Stockport from the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and the agreement that the remaining nine Greater Manchester districts will instead work on the production of a joint development plan to be known as 'Places for Everyone'.

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