Fees and charges for our Bereavement Service

Charges effective from April 2019

Sale of burial rights
Burialcost in £
All cemeteries all rows - Plot for burial (up to 4 burials)884
Plot for single burial / Green burial1085
Purchase of grave without interment1005
All cemeteries - Plot for interment of ashes420
Bury cemetery baby plot (up to and including 3 years)280
All cemeteries - Plot for interment of ashes (non resident) additional charge383
Construction of vault (wood or brick)at cost
Non-resident additional charge adult787

Burial fees (Interment fee)
Intermentcost in £
Private graves single (Maximum 9 feet)777
Private graves single - Green burial777
Private graves child (up to and including 16 years)263
Public graves adult333
Public graves child (over 1 month to 16 years)155
Public graves child (up to and including 1 month)91
Ashes interred325
Ashes scattered135
Coffin/grave over standard measurements (additional charge)170
Funerals arriving late110
Non-resident additional charge adult656
Non-resident additional charge child263
Non-resident additional charge burial of ashes207

Memorial charges
Memorialcost in £
Marker headstone101
Marker stone - Green burials101
Placing of side stones 1 foot to 2 foot111
Placing of side stones over 2 feet and up to 3 feet (Note 2)278
Placing of headstone and cross single (Maximum 3 feet) (Note 1)172
Placing of headstone and cross double (Maximum 6 feet wide) (Note 1)338
Placing of stone vase126
Additional memorial inscriptions76
Replacement memorials46
Removing headstonesat cost
Memorial plaque for bench or treeat cost
Planting of tree - Green burials only (Note 3)at cost
Vaults - woodenat cost
Vaults - brickat cost
Vaults - pre-castat cost
Grant of right of burial106
Indemnity for lost grant of right of burial106
Use of chapel162
Search fee (Note 4)48
Concrete foundation61
Transfer of exclusive right of burial (Note 5)116
Concrete plinth111
Duplicate of exclusive right of burial (Note 5)116
Statutory declaration of ownership73
Meeting with family to select a specific grave plot66
Burials outside normal cemetery hours or at weekendsat cost
Topping up with top soilat cost

Notes - Cemetery charges

  1. Includes checking of one inscription only   
  2. A charge will be made for sidestones without a permit before
  3. The tree to be at cost. No charge for planting
  4. Fee charged for genealogical and other enquiries where staff time in answering the enquiry exceed 30 minimum
  5. Transfer or duplicate exclusive rights of burial will only be issued on receipt of a signed affidavit from a legal representative and a completed form at the cemetery office

Any other costs at the Registrar's discretion.

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