Register a death

Losing a loved one is a difficult time. Death itself is distressing and unfortunately the procedures which must be followed can be an extra burden. Bury Councils Bereavement Service can provide useful and helpful advice when dealing with a death.

Where to register a death

A death should be registered within 5 days. If the death is referred to the coroner there may be a delay until the coroner has completed their investigations. The death should be registered in the district where the death occurred. Details of the death may be given at another register office in England and Wales by making a declaration which will be forwarded to the district where the death took place. However documents may be delayed as these cannot be issued until the death has been registered.

Please contact us to make an appointment to register a death, including a still birth or infant death.

Who can register a death

The following people, in order of preference, are legally required to register a death.

  • a relative
  • a person present at the death
  • the occupier of the premises where the death occurred, if he/she was aware of the death
  • the person arranging the funeral (this does not mean the funeral director)

You must bring a medical certificate of cause of death issued by the doctor who was treating the deceased. The funeral director will advise you what to do if the Coroner has been informed of the death.

What information will I have to supply for the registration of a death?

A registrar will interview you in private and ask questions about the person who has died. You will need to know the following information.

  • the date and place of death
  • the full forenames and surname. If the deceased was a married woman, the surname used before marriage, the date and place of birth
  • the occupation. If the deceased was a married man or woman or widower or widow the name of their spouse and occupation
  • the usual address
  • if the deceased was married, the date of birth of the surviving widow or widower whether the deceased received a pension or allowance from public funds

Death certificates

You will not be given a death certificate free of charge. You may purchase certified copies of the original register entry. Additional copies can be purchased at any time afterwards.

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