Local election results 2015

Election of Borough Councillors, Thursday, 7 May 2015

Winning candidates in each ward are marked with *

Besses ward

Besses result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Philip HusbandUK Independence Party799
Guy LevyConservative1114
Alan Matthews *Labour2628
Steve MiddletonLiberal Democrats1098
Stephen MorrisEnglish Democrats67
Zarrin ShannonGreen177

Effective electorate: 8,316.
Spoiled votes: 20.
Poll: 60.2%.

Church ward

Church result - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Lynda ArthurLiberal Democrats167
Bernard HaganUK Independence Party788
Jackie Harris *Conservative2933
Andrew McAnultyLabour1997
Reece SpencerGreen193

Effective electorate: 8,505.
Spoiled votes: 28.
Poll: 71.8%.

 East ward

East result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Sham AkhtarConservative762
John AxonUK Independence Party853
Michael Connolly *Labour2748
Paul JenkinsGreen220

Effective electorate: 8,128.
Spoiled votes: 31.
Poll: 56.7%.

 Elton ward

Elton result - Conservative gain from Labour
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Michael Hankey *Conservative2334
Martin HayesLabour2270
Julie SouthworthGreen191
Walter SouthworthUK Independence Party864
Benjamin WardLiberal Democrats146

Effective electorate: 8,836.
Spoiled votes: 28.
Poll: 65.9%.

 Holyrood ward

Holyrood result - Liberal Democrats gain from Labour
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Peter CuratiGreen340
Mary D'Albert *Liberal Democrats2112
Geraldine GreeneLabour2066
Katy RothwellConservative784
Michael ZwierzanskiUK Independence Party623

Effective electorate: 8,878.
Spoiled votes: 23.
Poll: 67.0%.

Moorside ward 

Moorside result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Nabila AfilalConservative1253
Victor HaganUK Independence Party994
Larissa HeathGreen248
Sarah Southworth *Labour2535

Effective electorate: 8,726.
Spoiled votes: 23.
Poll: 57.9%.

North Manor ward 

North Manor result - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Ewan ArthurLiberal Democrats344
Mary HeathGreen356
Khalid Hussain *Conservative3087
Tanya KayUK Independence Party790
Steven TreadgoldLabour1721

Effective electorate: 8,265.
Spoiled votes: 21.
Poll: 75.0%.

Pilkington Park ward 

Pilkington Park result - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Robert Caserta *Conservative2632
Zachery GarsiaGreen262
Debra GreenLabour1872
John ParkinsonUK Independence Party507

Effective electorate: 7,748.
Spoiled votes: 44.
Poll: 68.6%.

 Radcliffe East ward

Radcliffe East result - Labour gain from Independent
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Matt BaileyIndependent290
Robert GrahamLiberal Democrats205
Nicole HaydockGreen239
Greg KeeleyConservative1285
Catherine Preston *Labour1837
Russell TurnerUK Independence Party1012

Effective electorate: 8,592.
Spoiled votes: 14.
Poll: 56.9%.

 Radcliffe North ward

Radcliffe North result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Anne BeckettGreen192
Ian HayesUK Independence Party1244
Rodney RewLiberal Democrats212
Zain ShahConservative1734
Jamie Walker *Labour2193

Effective electorate: 8,633.
Spoiled votes: 23.
Poll: 64.8%.

 Radcliffe West ward

Radcliffe West result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Stephen DillonGreen195
Kamran IslamLiberal Democrats90
David LewisConservative1294
Rachel Skillen *Labour2164
Christopher TurnerUK Independence Party968

Effective electorate: 8,427.
Spoiled votes: 24.
Poll: 56.1%.

Ramsbottom ward 

Ramsbottom result - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
David BarkerUK Independence Party753
Laura ChepnerGreen404
Rob Hodkinson *Conservative3090
Karen LeachLabour2308

Effective electorate: 9,129.
Spoiled votes: 26.
Poll: 72.3%.

 Redvales ward

Redvales result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Paul DeavilleGreen189
Mike HarlingUK Independence Party861
Judith Kelly *Labour2948
Gareth Lloyd-JohnsonLiberal Democrats168
Sue SmithConservative1416

Effective electorate: 8,910.
Spoiled votes: 25.
Poll: 62.9%.

Sedgley ward

Sedgley result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Michael James *Labour2579
Jennifer JamiesonUK Independence Party480
David SilbigerConservative2113
Karen WoodGreen316
Steven WrightLiberal Democrat395

Effective electorate: 9,006.
Spoiled votes: 36.
Poll: 65.7%.

St. Marys ward 

St. Marys result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Noel Bayley *Labour2135
Robert CahillUK Independence Party562
Zadok DayConservative1051
Andrew McKeeGreen317
Donal O'HanlonLiberal Democrat1243

Effective electorate: 8,138.
Spoiled votes: 16.
Poll: 65.5%.

 Tottington ward

Tottington result - Conservative hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Samantha DeasGreen247
David FossLiberal Democrats194
Ian HendersonUK Independence Party785
Andrew JonesLabour1592
Yvonne Wright *Conservative2682

Effective electorate: 8,011.
Spoiled votes: 21.
Poll: 68.9%.

 Unsworth ward

Unsworth result - Labour hold
CandidatePartyVotes polled
Carm BithellGreen167
Joan Grimshaw *Labour2249
Katriona MiddletonLiberal Democrats183
Ged SmithUK Independence Party670
Bernard VincentConservative1705

Effective electorate: 7,374.
Spoiled votes: 35.
Poll: 67.6%.

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