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Please note: All the bins we provide you with belong to Bury Council.

About requesting recycling bins

Request a new, replacement or extra recycling bin

We provide blue, green and brown recycling bins free of charge.  If you have extra recycling and need an extra blue or green recycling bin, these are free of charge too. Please note that we don't provide extra brown bins, but you can request a kitchen caddy and liners at the same time as ordering a brown bin.

Need a kitchen caddy or compostable liners?

We provide a kitchen caddy and compostable liners to help make food waste recycling cleaner and easier.  We provide these free of charge.  If you are ordering a new or replacement brown recycling bin you can order a caddy and liners at the same time.  If you just need a caddy or only need liners you can collect these yourself from:    

  • Libraries
  • Bury Town Hall, Knowsley Street, Bury
  • 3 Knowsley Place (opposite Bury Town Hall)
  • Six Town Housing, 6 Knowsley Place, Bury (liners only)
  • Customer Support and Collections, Whittaker Street, Radcliffe

About requesting a new or replacement rubbish bin

Request a new or replacement grey rubbish bin

Rubbish bins are grey and should only be used for waste you can't recycle. There is a £30 administration and delivery charge for a new or replacement rubbish bin; you must pay this before we can process your order.

About requesting an extra grey rubbish bin

You should be able to recycle around 70% of your household waste using your recycling bins.  However, if you are a larger family or household with extra waste that can't recycled, such as disposable nappies, you can request an extra grey household rubbish bin. 

As part of the application process you will need to provide proof of the number and ages of the people permanently living at your address and prove that you recycle as much of your household waste as you can.  We may also visit your home to carry out a waste audit and offer help and advice on how you can better manage your waste. 

If your application is successful you will be required to pay a £30 administration and delivery change before we deliver your second grey bin. 

Extra grey household rubbish bins are supplied with a red lid so that the bin can easily be identified as an authorised extra bin. Applications for extra grey bins are usually reviewed annually. 

Request an extra grey household rubbish bin

Check out how to save space in your grey bin