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Requesting new or replacement bins

About requesting new or replacement recycling bins

Online form:  Request a new or replacement recycling bin..

Online form:  Request a new or replacement kitchen caddy with compostable liners.

We provide blue, green and brown recycling bins free of charge. And we provide a free kitchen caddy and compostable liners, to use with a brown recycling bin.  The kitchen caddy and compostable liners help make food waste recycling cleaner and easier.

We also provide extra blue and green recycling bins free of charge if you need more space after squashing and flattening your recycling items.    

Kitchen caddies and compostable liners can be requested online or collected free of charge from venues across the borough.  Locations include all libraries (go to 'Your local library' web page), the reception points at Bury Town Hall, 3 Knowsley Place and Six Town Housing at 6 Knowsley Place as well at Customer Support and Collections at Whittaker Street in Radcliffe. 

About requesting a new or replacement grey household rubbish bin

Online form:  Request a new or replacement grey household rubbish bin.

There is a £30 administration and delivery charge for a new or replacement grey rubbish bin.  

If you need a new or replacement grey rubbish bin for your household waste you can't recycle, you can choose to request either a full size (240 litre) grey bin or a small (140 litre) grey bin. Our 140 litre grey bin is more or less the same height as a full size bin but not quite as wide.

The charge is £30 whether you choose a 240 litre or a 140 litre grey bin.  You will need to pay this charge before we can process your order.   

Please note: 

The charge we make for a household rubbish bin only covers our administration and delivery charge.  It does not cover the sale of the bin to you. All the bins we provide, whether we charge for them or not, remain the property of Bury Council.

About upsizing from a small (140 litre) grey bin to a full size (240 litre) grey bin

Online form:  Request to upsize a grey household rubbish bin.

There is no charge to upsize a small grey bin to a full size grey bin.  

If you currently have a small (140 litre) grey bin and want to change it to a full size (240 litre) grey bin we will swap it free of charge. This is because from the second week of October we will start to empty grey bins, for waste you can't recycle, once every three weeks. You only need to request to upsize to a full size bin if you think you won't have enough space when your grey bin is emptied less often.

Your questions answered about new or replacement bins

Do I have to pay for a new or replacement recycling bin?

No.  We provide recycling bins free of charge to help you recycle more of your household waste. You can also request extra recycling bins if you need them.

Do I have to pay for a new or replacement grey bin?

Yes.  If you order a new or replacement grey bin you will have to pay a £30 administration and delivery charge. 

How do I order a replacement grey bin if mine is lost, damaged or stolen?

You can order a grey bin online or you can request one by telephone or personal visit.  To view contact details please use the 'Contact Waste Management' link under 'Contact us' on the right.   

How long will it take you to deliver a new or replacement grey bin?

If you order a grey bin we will usually deliver your new bin within 3 working days of receiving payment in full but at busy times when we receive a lot of requests all at once it may take longer.

If I order a new or replacement grey bin where will you deliver it to?

We will deliver it to your home address or if you prefer a neighbouring address.  When your bin is delivered we will post a delivery note through your letterbox.

How can I prevent my bin from being stolen?

When we deliver your replacement bin we will put a sticker on it displaying your house number.  This will help you to know which bin is yours and help prevent it from being stolen.  We also advise you to put your bin out for collection first thing in the morning (before 7am)  rather than the night before and to return it to your property as soon as possible after emptying.  If your bin is usually emptied after you have left for the day a neighbour may be able to help with this.

My grey bin has gone missing, how soon should I order a replacement?

We advise you to check around the area where you live before ordering a replacement bin because quite often bins do turn-up again, sometimes after the next collection.   If you are still without your bin after one week you should order a replacement. 

If I order a replacement grey bin and then my original bin turns up, what will happen?

If you order a grey bin, once we have received payment for this we won't be able to give you a refund but we will return to collect the replacement bin free of charge.

Can I buy a bin from somewhere else and use this instead if I want to?

No.  We will only empty bins provided by us that meet the EN840 standard and match the Bury Council bin colour scheme.

Can I change to using black bin bags instead?

No.  If your household is on a bin collection route you must use one of our official bins for your household rubbish.  We do not collect bags of rubbish.   

Can I use one of my other wheeled bins instead?

No.  In your brown bin we only want food waste and garden waste.  In your blue bin we only want glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, aluminium and steel food and drink cans, empty aerosols and clean aluminium foil.  In your green bin we only want paper and cardboard.  If you put household rubbish in your recycling bins instead of in a grey bin we will not be able to empty them until you have removed the incorrect items.  Only grey bins should be used for waste you can't recycle.  Recycling bins should only be used for waste you can recycle.

I have recently moved into the borough from another area, can I use the bin I have brought with me?

No.  We will only empty bins provided by us.  The bin you brought with you from where you previously lived belongs to the council for that area.

If I move house can I take my bins with me?

No.  Your bins remain the property of Bury Council at all times.  If you move house either somewhere else in the Bury area or beyond you should leave them where they are.

I have recently moved house and there is no grey bin at my new address, what should I do?

You will need to order a replacement grey bin and pay the £30 administration and delivery charge.  If you have moved to accommodation rented from a private or social landlord we recommend you check your tenancy agreement to see if this states a bin will be provided.

I have moved into a newly-built house, do I have to pay for a grey household rubbish bin?

Yes.  You will need to request and pay for a grey household rubbish bin if there isn't one at the property.  If you don't have recycling bins either you should also request these which we provide free of charge.   

What happens if my bin is damaged by the collection crew or if it falls into the back of a collection vehicle?

If we have an accident with your bin we will let you know and order you a replacement without you needing to contact us.  Your replacement bin will be delivered to you within 3 working days.  Bins damaged by us will be collected.  

My grey bin is split, will I have to pay for a replacement?

If your grey bin is split you will need to order a replacement and pay the £30 administration and delivery charge.  You can help avoid your bin becoming split by not overloading it with heavier items.

What happens if my grey bin only needs a replacement lid or wheels?

You will still need to order a replacement bin unless the damage has been caused by us and we have let you know about this.  If you order a grey bin you will have to pay a £30 administration and delivery charge.