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Assisted collection service

We want to provide a quality waste collection service to every household in the borough. We recognise that some residents will have problems using the standard services so we offer an assisted collection service to eligible households.

About the assisted collection service

We offer assisted collections to residents who are unable to wheel their bin to the point of collection.

An 'assisted collection' means that your rubbish and recycling is collected from, and returned to, an agreed collection point at your home address.

You may qualify for this service if you are:

  • elderly;
  • infirm; or
  • suffering from a short or long term illness or ailment..

Elderly or infirm

If you are elderly or infirm you may qualify for assistance provided that there is no other able-bodied person over 16 years of age resident at your address. 

Suffering from short or long term illness or ailment

If you are suffering from an illness that prevents you from wheeling your bins to the collection point you may qualify for assistance provided that there is no other able-bodied person over the age of 16 years of age resident at your address. In the case of short term assistance this will be reviewed at regular intervals if necessary.

About applying for this service

To apply for this service you must complete our application form in full. We will then assess your application and let you know our decision within 4 weeks of receiving your application form.

We assess each application individually and reserve the right to refuse to offer this service if:

  • the application does not meet any of the criteria detailed above; or
  • the offer of an assisted collection would lead to significant operational difficulties or unreasonable expense.

To apply online complete and submit our online application form:

Online form: Application for an assisted collection

To apply by phone, e-mail or personal visit please see 'Contact us' in the right-hand navigation.

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