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Plan for Change

Join us in the Plan for Change

Following a reduction in funding from central government, the council has to make significant savings to the budget. 

  • In total we have to find savings of £37.8 million by February 2014.
  • We are already working towards saving £7.4 million this year alone but we have an additional £2.2 million of savings to find.
  • For 2015-16 the council will need to find we a further £16 million of savings.
  • The council has a legal duty to undertake some areas of work and we need to make sure we continue to deliver these in the future

Councillor Mike Connolly, Leader of the Council says: "We thought it was important to show you these figures so that residents will be in no doubt of the scale of the challenge we face."

Take a look at Bury Council's News desk for all the latest press releases about consultations and announcements to do with the Plan for Change.
The Plan for Change explains what we need to do, the vision, the values and the outcomes we want to achieve to help us achieve savings and make sure the council focuses on priorities. Throughout this process we have made a commitment to consult, listen and engage.

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