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Pop Bloom III by Hsiao-Chi Tsai & Kimiya Yoshikawa

Changing exhibitions

Bury Art Gallery has a selection of exhibitions with a broad appeal that have something to offer art lovers with a variety of tastes.

Twenty Years of Freedom and Fine Art: Start in Bury

13 September to 15 November.

Start in Bury is an organisation that assists people with mental health issues to develop their creativity and confidence through the visual arts. Start in Bury is twenty years old this year and as part of their celebrations we are delighted to present another vibrant show of members' recent work.

Hsiao-Chi Tsai & Kimiya Yoshikawa- Scintilla from our sun

26 September to 29 November.
Tsai & Yoshikawa have been commissioned to make a major new, site-specific work for the recently opened, Bury Sculpture Centre. This piece has been inspired by the historical identities of the town and also the surrounding cultural quarter. The new Sculpture Centre is a hub of the Irwell Sculpture Trail and this landmark work will be installed at the entrance, contrasting this fine, Classical stone building, to coincide with the launch of the Asia Triennial Manchester. Bury Art Museum will also feature a major
exhibition of Tsai & Yoshikawa's work, bringing together sculptures which will be collectively grouped to form a dialogue as one new work. This installation will create a refuge, a glimpse into an enchanting other world, a utopian vision and an uplifting escape from apparent conflicts which continually dominate society.

Special Events

Eastern Nights (Bury Light Night):
10 October, 19:00, FREE
As part of the Bury Light Night events artists Tsai & Yoshikawa will give a guided tour of exhibition Scintilla from our sun

Scintilla from our sun:

19 November, 15:00, FREE

Artists Tsai & Yoshikawa will give a guided tour of exhibition

19 November, 15:00, FREE

The Fab Four by Allan Jones
Light Sculpture by Hsiao-Chi Tsai & Kimiya Yoshikawa

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