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Said the Spider to the Fly by Richard Wentworth, 2013

Changing exhibitions

Bury Art Gallery has a selection of exhibitions with a broad appeal that have something to offer art lovers with a variety of tastes.

Text Festival

3 May to 19 July

The Bury Text Festival is an internationally unique event investigating contemporary language art (poetry, text art, sound and media text, live art). The Festival is the space where artists and writers from all over the world can meet, share and show the increasingly important possibilities of language in art. It specialises in experiments, in new experiences, in performances and exhibitions that mix artforms in ground-breaking combinations that challenge traditional language art boundaries and offer artists a forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas.

The Language of Lists

3 May to 5 July
The structure and rhythms of the list has fascinated artists for centuries. It has a history across many artforms. The Language of Lists will investigate the lists of Text Festivals, the lists of participants, the interweaving of contemporary practice, the processes, the list as category, the list as bureaucracy, the list as resistance, the list as list, the list as Google, the list as generator, the list as science, the list which ends and never ends.

The Dark Would Volume 3

3 May to 12 July
THE DARK WOULD anthology gathered work by over 100 contributors including some of the most noted artists and poets alive today and comes out of Phil Davenport's decade-long involvement with the Text Festival. The anthology is available in two 'volumes': the book version and a much larger Kindle version. Volume 3 takes up works and forms with stages of development beyond the Book into the Exhibition space. Guest curator: Phil Davenport.

Polari Mission

5 April - 19 July
Artists Jez Dolan and Joseph Richardson are on a mission to save Polari, one of the world's most endangered languages, and a bold yet secretive part of gay history. This new exhibition curated specifically for Bury Art Museum seeks to explore the links between the artists' continuing research into the history and etymology of Polari with the Text Festival's theme of lists and classification. Using printmaking, film and installation, the exhibition also explores people's individual stories through the inclusion of 'personal archives'.
The artists have generously donated their project archive to the Bury Text Art Archive where it will be available for public research when the exhibition ends in August.
Polari Mission is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between the artists and specialists in the fields of linguistics and computer science including Professor Paul Baker (Lancaster University) & Tim Greening-Jackson.

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