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Bury Photographic Society

Changing exhibitions

Bury Art Gallery has a selection of exhibitions with a broad appeal that have something to offer art lovers with a variety of tastes.

Put that light out

The Second World War affected the daily lives of the people of Bury in many ways. School life was disrupted, food was short, factories turned over to war work and men left their homes to fight in the war. This exhibition explores the role of Bury's ARP wardens, men from various walks of life whose role was to put out fires, guide civilians to safety during air attacks, make sure people used black out curtains and turned their lights out at night. Another important part of the war effort at home was the role of rescue animals. In this exhibition we celebrate four special dogs who were recognised for their bravery, three of which were awarded the Dicken Medal by the PDSA.

Bury Photographic Society

21 February to 18 April

The annual exhibition of the Bury Photographic Society presents us with an opportunity to see a selection of work produced by the society during the previous year. Visitors, once again, have the opportunity to vote for their favourite photograph.

Bury Art Festival

2 to 9 May

Bury Hospice Art Festival is a local event with over 100 local artists exhibiting 2D and 3D work at Bury Art Museum. The Art Festival is a fundraising event for Bury Hospice and the art work exhibited is for sale with the Hospice getting 30% commission for every piece sold.


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