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About your green bin

What to recycle in your green bin

We will empty your green bin once every four weeks.   Please make sure you leave your bin out by 7am on collection day as collection times can vary.

What you can recycle in your green bin

Paper and cardboard

  • Newspapers, magazines and junk mail.
  • Catalogues and phone directories.
  • Paper and shredded paper.
  • Cardboard boxes and packaging.
  • Clean cardboard food packaging.
  • Wrapping paper, greetings cards and envelopes.
  • Cardboard milk and drink cartons.

Don't forget

  • Flatten cardboard to make more space in your bin.  
  • Wash and squash cardboard milk and drink cartons.

Your questions answered

Why did you decide to introduce another wheeled bin?

We asked over 1500 residents what would make it easier for them to recycle paper and cardboard. Most people said they would prefer a bin rather than a green bag.  A bin is much better than a bag for storing bulky cardboard. A bin also keeps the paper and cardboard clean and dry and reduces the risk of littering the streets.

How often will my green bin be emptied?

Your green bin will be emptied once every four weeks because we are providing a lot more space than you had previously in your green bag.

How big is the green bin?

Your green bin will be a full size (240 litre) bin. This is the same size as a standard grey, brown and blue bin. The extra capacity will allow you to recycle your bulky cardboard inside your bin.

Can I have a smaller green bin?

We do want most people to keep and use their full-size green bin because we will only empty it once every four weeks.  However, we will provide a smaller bin (140 litre) if this is absolutely essential.

If my green bin is full can I put extra cardboard out alongside my bin?

No. We will only be able to collect paper and cardboard that is contained within your green bin with the bin lid fully closed. This is because our collection rounds don't allow for this and our vehicle would become full before the end of its collection round.  If you have any extra paper and cardboard you can take it to a recycling centre or put it in your bin on your next collection day. To search for a recycling centre near you - see the link in the right-hand navigation.

What's the matter with my new green bin, the lid doesn't close properly?

The new green bins have only just come off the production line. The plastic lid on some of the bins is slightly warped but this should ease and return to normal within a couple of weeks.

What can I do to make the most of the space in my green bin?

To make as much space as possible in your bin we recommend that you flatten all cardboard packaging and squash cardboard milk and drink cartons.   

Should I put confidential papers in my green bin?

No. We do not operate a confidential waste collection service. It is your responsibility to ensure that important documents are shredded and disposed of properly but you can place shredded paper inside your green bin.

Can I put window envelopes in my green bin?

Yes. Window envelopes can go in your green bin. The window will be separated and removed during processing.

I have an assisted collection for my other bin/s. Will I get one for my new green bin?

Yes. If you already have an assisted collection for your other bin/s you will automatically get one for your green bin.

I prefer to take my paper and cardboard to a recycling centre, do I have to have a green bin? 

We need every household in the borough to recycle as much of their household waste as possible.  Every household counts. However, if you prefer to take your paper and cardboard to a recycling centre or donate it to a charitable organisation you may choose not to have a green bin if you wish. If this is the case you should make sure you don't put any paper or cardboard in your grey bin which is for rubbish (non-recyclable waste) only. 

Can I have an extra green bin?

We provide extra recycling bins free of charge. If you find that you don't have enough room in your green recycling bin after squashing or flattening your items, you can contact us to request an extra bin.  All you need to do is complete and submit our online request form. We will then contact you to discuss your request. If your request is approved we will deliver your extra bin to your home within 10 working days.  To submit your request online, please see the link in the right-hand navigation.

I have a green bin for my household rubbish, do I need to ask you to change it to a grey bin?

No.  Your new green bin will a brighter shade of green and it will be clearly embossed with 'Paper and cardboard recycling' on the lid and on the body of the bin.  As a result you will not confuse it with your green bin for household rubbish and there will be no need to change it. 

Does Bury Council receive income for recycled paper and cardboard?

Yes. The more you recycle the more income we get from recyclables.  This helps to offset the cost of providing your service. 

Help us collect your waste

For more information about bin collections and more questions and answers go the 'help us collect your waste' page. Please use the link at the right-hand side of this web page.   

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