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Where to Ride

Where to ride

The hazardous conditions on many roads are a major deterrent for many people who would otherwise cycle. However, with a bit of route planning it is quite often possible to get from A to B on quieter roads or tracks.

Plan your own journey

Transport for Greater Manchester publishes a series of cycle maps covering the ten districts including Bury. The maps show where cycling facilities exist on roads and identify a network of advisory routes for getting around. These maps are available in local tourist information centres and travel centres or can be ordered via the Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) website via the link on the right. The same information is also available as an interactive map on the TfGM website.

Sustrans also has an interactive map of cycle routes on its website, including the national cycle network. You can access this via the link on the right.

Bike ride ideas

Greater Manchester's tourism officers have produced a booklet of bike rides. It can be downloaded from the Manchester's countryside website via the link on the right. The same ride and one for the south of the Borough can be downloaded from the Leisure Rides section of the TfGM website. There are also a few privately-produced bike ride books available at bookshops.


Why not ride to work, or at least part of the way there? If you travel to Bury Interchange to catch a tram or bus, how about using your bike to get there? And for £10 a year you can have safe and dry parking in the Bike Hub that has recently opened. Access to the Hub is by smart card which can obtain from TfGM.

In your area

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