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Swimming at Radcliffe Pool

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It's business as usual at Radcliffe Pool & Fitness Centre during the main pool closure

The teaching pool and gym are open as usual.  For details of sessions and opening times go to the swimming timetable during term time or go to the swimming timetable during school holidays.  For gym opening times go to the Gym at Radcliffe Fitness Centre page. For information about proposals for a temporary swimming pool and gym facility in Radcliffe go to the Temporary swimming pool and gym facility in Radcliffe web page. 

What could a regular swim do for you?

Swimming is refreshing, relaxing and liberating, it:

  • tones every major muscle in your body and many minor ones as well;
  • burns calories;
  • regulates breathing;
  • stimulates circulation;
  • sooths the mind;
  • improves stamina; and
  • gives a boost to your heart and lungs.

About the pools

Main pool: Water depth 1m (shallow end) to 3m (deep end) and 25m length, 12.5 wide.
Teaching pool: Water depth 0.6m (shallow end) to 1m (deep end) and 17m length, 12m wide.

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