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Corporate Parents

Frequently asked questions

Who are 'corporate parents'?

A corporate parent is everyone who works for Bury Council and all of the elected councillors. When a child becomes 'looked after', the tasks of their parents becomes the responsibility of 'corporate parents'.

As good corporate parents, we should act in the way we would if the child were our own. What this means is that we should endeavour to take time to listen to voice of the child / young person, prioritise their needs within our services, strategies, plans and daily work, and to have high aspirations and seek the same outcomes as any good parent would for their own children.

What is Corporate Parenting?

Corporate parenting is different from "ordinary parenting" in that the emphasis is on creating the right conditions to recognise the child's needs and to ensure that the services we deliver / commission are responsive to their needs.

Corporate parenting places collective responsibility on local authorities to achieve good parenting for all children in their care. It requires ownership and leadership at a senior level within the council, including all elected members.

Why is Corporate Parenting important?

Corporate parenting is important to ensure that looked after children are provided with the right services to ensure that they reach their individual potential.

Corporate parents key responsibility is:

To actively safeguard and promote the welfare of children that are looked after by acting as the child's champion. This means that they should support the rights of looked after children so that they have the opportunity to reach their potential.

Every child needs a good parent who will look out for them, speaks out on their behalf and responds to their needs. For Looked After Children, this is essential and is the statutory role for local authorities.

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