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Corporate Parenting Panel

The Corporate Parenting Panel made up of people who are Elected Councillors and Senior Managers from Bury Council, Health, Bury College, the Voluntary Sector and two young people from the Children in Care Council.

The Corporate Parenting Panel is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that services for children in care and care leavers are appropriately supported and resourced.
  • Scrutinizing the quality of services to looked after children to ensure it is meeting its legislative requirements and the service is meeting performance indicators.
  • Ensuring that relevant council services provided via various Departments are coordinated to meet the needs of looked after children.
  • Commissioning reports as necessary to ensure that members of the authority have the information which will enable them to ensure that the Council fulfils its role as corporate parent.
  • The corporate parenting panel is also responsible for the implementation of the Looked After Children's Pledge.

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