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Financial support

Foster carers receive a weekly allowance for each child which varies according to the age of the child. Currently, the amount varies from £119 to £175 per week.

In addition, Foster Carers receive a weekly fee for the first child placed and 70% of the full fee for subsequent children in placement at the same time. At present, our carers receive £110 for a child aged under 11 years and £120 for a young person aged 11 years plus.

For some young people with particularly challenging behaviour an additional support package may be available.

Foster carers also receive an annual holiday grant, Christmas/festival and birthday allowances in respect of a foster child.

Carers who offer regular short planned break care receive a proportion of the weekly allowance and fee depending upon the period of care given.

For more information about the financial rewards available please call our team on 0800 9555 311.

We also recognise the importance of offering ongoing practical support.

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