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Swimming at Castle Leisure Centre

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What could a regular swim do for you?

Swimming is refreshing, relaxing and liberating, it:

  • tones every major muscle in your body and many minor ones as well;
  • burns calories;
  • regulates breathing;
  • stimulates circulation;
  • sooths the mind;
  • improves stamina; and
  • gives a boost to your heart and lungs.

About the pools

Main pool: Water depth 1.2m to 2m and 25m length, 12.5 wide.
Boom pool: Water depth 0.9m and 8m length, 12.5m wide.
Teaching pool: Water depth 0.75m to 0.9m and 17m length, 8m wide.
Diving pool: Water depth 3.9m and 13m length, 13m wide

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Position of Bury in the North West
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