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A carer is a person, regardless of age or gender, whose own life is affected by providing care or support to a child or adult who cannot manage daily life because of illness, disability or frailness, without help.

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There are an estimated 19,000 carers in the borough of Bury, and 15,400 of these are of working age. The majority of the community care is provided by carers and in many cases, the life of the carer looking after a relative or friend can be greatly affected.

Facts about carers

Here are some facts about carers:

  • Carers are ordinary people of every age, race and religion.
  • Some carers look after someone for a few hours a week while others care 24 hours a day, every day.
  • Many care in their own homes, while others support relatives and friends who may live nearby or far away.
  • Carers look after people of all ages and may be any age themselves, from young people still at school, to people in their 90s.
  • Caring can bring problems for the carer such as exhaustion and stress, financial difficulty, and isolation and loneliness.

The British Red Cross carer's care service in Bury provides peace of mind, emotional support and practical help to carers, enabling them to maintain their own standard of independence. Once you have registered your details with them, you will be given a credit card-sized emergency card. The emergency card instantly identifies the holder as a carer, which ensures that the person you care for will not be left unattended, should anything happen to you. If you feel you would benefit from this service contact British Red Cross on 01204 369625 and for further information on carer support see the links on the right.

There are organisations which can help carers to cope with these issues, giving them a break when needed, or support and advice. Many of these organisations are listed in the Bury Carers Guide, which lists organisations locally, regionally and nationally. The Carers Guide can be obtained from  the Carers Centre and Connect and Direct or click on the downloads to the right.

Many of our services can be found in The Bury Directory.

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