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Gym at Castle Leisure Centre

Join one, join all three!

About the gym at Castle Leisure Centre

Our fully air conditioned fitness suite is the perfect place to reach your fitness goals. Our instructors will work with you to develop a training programme tailored to your specific needs.

Please note: Prior to using equipment in the gym you will be required to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire and take part in an induction with one of our instructors.

Virtual tour of Castle Leisure Centre gym

Gym opening times

Monday to Thursday, 7am to 10pm
Fridays, 7am to 9.30pm
Saturdays, 8am to 5.30pm
Sundays, 8am to 8pm

Last admission - one hour before closing.

About our gym equipment

There are different types of equipment in the gym.

Cardio vascular equipment

Cardio vascular equipment is used to increase aerobic fitness to help your heart and lungs grow stronger. Cardiovascular exercise has lots of health benefits like lowering your blood pressure and lowering your risk of heart disease. It also helps you to burn calories and lose weight.

  • Fusion U-Cycle, 6
  • Fusion R-Cycle, 2
  • Fusion Run - Treadmill, 10
  • Fusion X-Train Cross trainer, 6
  • Octane Pro 3700 Cross Trainer, 2
  • SciFit Pro1 Upper Body Ergometer, 2
  • Concept II Rower Model D PM3, 3

Resistance equipment

Resistance equipment is used to work and tone the muscles. Regular resistance training could help strengthen and tone muscles and increase bone mass.

  • Evolve Shoulder Press, 1
  • Evolve Chest Press, 2
  • Evolve Pec Deck, 1
  • Evolve Assisted Chin & Dip, 1
  • Evolve Arm Curl, 1
  • Evolve Tricep Press, 1
  • Evolve Traditional Lat Pulldown, 1
  • Evolve Seated Lat Pulldown, 1
  • Evolve Seated Row, 1
  • Evolve Adductor, 1
  • Evolve Abductor, 1
  • Evolve Leg Extension, 1
  • Evolve Seated Leg Curl, 1
  • Evolve Seated Leg Press, 2
  • Evolve Abdominal, 1
  • Evolve Rotary Torso, 1
  • Evolve Multi-Pulley, 2
  • Evolve Dual Multi-Pulley, 1

Freeweight equipment

  • Origin Counterbalanced Smith Machine with Bench, 1
  • Origin 117.5Kg Rubber Olympic Weight Set (No Bar), 1
  • Origin Adjustable Abdominal Decline Bench, 1
  • Origin Adjustable Incline Bench, 3
  • Origin Black Rubber Hexagonal Dumbbell Set with Rack 1-10kg, 1
  • Origin Rubber Dumbbell Set with Rack 5-25kg, 1
  • Origin Rubber Dumbbell Set with Rack 25-40kg, 1
  • Olympic Bench (including bar & weight set, 1

Additional equipment

  • 3 x Fit Ball Set with Rack, 1
  • Ab Coaster, 1
  • Deluxe Exercise Mat 182cm x 62cm x 18mm, 3
  • LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner, 2

Membership information

You can join our Active Lifestyle membership scheme to get all-inclusive use of our sports centres. To find out about the benefits of becoming a member and how much you will save visit our membership options page

Membership enquiry

Complete the online membership enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a free, no obligation tour, at your preferred facility.

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