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Club Bury rewards

What is the Club Bury reward scheme?

ClubBURY is a local initiative to improve and maintain the standards of clubs in Bury. It will enable Bury Sport and Physical Activity Service deliver quality support to local sports clubs and recognise and reward clubs showing a commitment to the development of sport in Bury.

Clubs are awarded bronze, silver, gold or platinum standard depending on their level of commitment to club development.

What standards must a club reach and what rewards will be received?

The ClubBURY scheme recognises and rewards clubs for the work they are doing and the commitment they have made to the development of sport in Bury. The rewards, support and benefits offered are as follows.

Bronze level standards

Clubs must provide evidence of the following.

  • Affiliated to relevant National Governing Body
  • One coach to register on Coaching Greater Manchester
  • Registered with ClubBURY
  • Completed clubBURY Audit
  • Nominated CWO

Bronze level rewards

  • Needs Analysis
  • Funding Information Sheet
  • Coach Education Information and updates
  • Club Development Information and updates
  • Link to club website from Bury Councils website
  • Access to SAPAS Coaches Service

Cost of bronze level membership: £60 (6 months FREE £30 for remaining 6 months)

Silver level standards

Clubs must provide evidence of the bronze level standards and the following.   

  • Show a commitment to working towards Clubmark / NGB Accreditation by returning a completed clubBURY Self Assessment or NGB registration
  • Have representation on Local Development Groups*, Bury SPAA network groups or community groups/sports forums
  • Ensure the clubBURY aduit is upadted annually

Silver level rewards

The bronze level rewards and the following.

  • One to one support with the club accreditation process
  • Bury club development resource pack
  • Discount for 'High Performance Athletes Strength and Conditioning Coaching'
  • Priority access to coach education courses in Bury
  • Priority access to club development courses in Bury
  • Free advertising at Castle Leisure Centre**
  • Free use of meeting rooms at Castle Leisure Centre, Radcliffe and Ramsbottom Pools

Cost of silver level membership: £120

Gold level standards

Clubs must provide evidence of the bronze and silver levels standards and the following.

  • Completed Clubmark and NGB Accreditation or kitemark
  • At least one nominated Coach Mentor or Volunteer Mentor
  • Working towards a formal school to club link
  • Registered as a volunteer club placement with B3SDA

Gold level rewards

The bronze and silver levels rewards and the following.

  • Bury 1-1 club development support
  • Discount on club education courses in Bury
  • Discount on coach education courses in Bury
  • Priority club to access additional funding
  • Priority access to the SAPAS Pool of volunteers
  • Opportunities for bolt-on workshops for your club

Cost of gold level membership: £150

Platinum level standards

Clubs must provide evidence of the bronze, silver and gold levels standards and the following.

  • Show a commitment to engaging the local community for example, offering open days, taster sessions, demonstrations events
  • Support the annual Bury Sports Awards for example, helping raise awareness, submitting nominations
  • One club representative to attend the annual club and coach symposium (club and coach information evening)

Platinum level rewards

The bronze, silver and gold levels rewards and the following.

  • Community hubs - opportunity and assistance to host events at your club
  • club featured in the Best of Bury
  • Sports Rehab UK
  • 30 % discount at Surridge Sport

Cost of platinum membership: £190

50% discounts are available to clubs with lower than average membership numbers. Please contact Bury Sport and Physical Activity Service to find out further information.

How to join

To register onto the scheme please complete and submit the clubBURY audit. You will find a link to the form at the top of the 'Offsite links and online forms' box on the right-hand side of this web page.

All clubs using Bury Council's leisure facilities are required to register with ClubBURY when they renew their booking to use our facilties.

All clubs connected with the Parks and Countryside Service through self-management agreements and licensing arrangements are also required to register with ClubBURY to sustain their partnership with Bury Council.

Club Bury registered clubs

Angling clubs

  • Bury and District Angling Society.
  • Radcliffe Angling Society.
  • Ramsbottom Angling Association.

Athletics clubs

  • Bury Athletics Club.
  • Radcliffe Athletics Club.

Badminton clubs

  • Brooksbottom Badminton Club.
  • Bury Topflight Badminton Club.
  • Heys Badminton Club.
  • Oakgate Badminton Club.
  • St Mary's Junior Badminton Club.

Basketball clubs

  • Bury Blue Devils Basketball Club.

Boxing clubs

  • Bury Amateur Boxing Club.
  • Dynamics Amateur Boxing Club.

Boxing (Thai) clubs

  • GFC Muay Thai.
  • Phoenix Muay Thai Boxing Club.

Bowling clubs

  • Allens Green Bowling Club.
  • Bailey Street Bowling Club.
  • Black Lane Bowling Club.
  • Manchester Road Vets Bowling Club.
  • Hollins Village Community Association Bowling Club.  
  • Whitehead Park Bowling Club.

Cricket clubs

  • Brooksbottom Cricket Club.
  • Bury Cricket Club.
  • Elton All Saints Cricket Club.
  • Elton Vale Cricket Club.
  • Greenmount Cricket Club.
  • Radcliffe Cricket Club.
  • Ramsbottom Cricket Club.
  • Stand Cricket Club.
  • Tottington St Johns Cricket Club.
  • Unsworth Cricket Club.
  • Walshaw Cricket Club.
  • Woodbank Cricket Club.

Cycling clubs

  • Bury Clarion Cycling Club.
  • Lancashire Road Club.

Diving clubs

  • Bury Dragons Diving Club.
  • Bury Sub Aqua Club.
  • Ramsbottom Sub Aqua Group.

Fencing clubs

  • North West Fencing Squad.
  • Salle Kiss Fencing Club.

Football clubs

  • Active Soccer Bury.
  • Ainsworth Football Club.
  • Bury Ability Counts Football Club.
  • Bury Amateurs Football Club.
  • Bury Football In The Community.
  • Bury Girls and Ladies Football Club.
  • Bury Juniors Football Club.
  • Bury North End Junior Football Club.
  • Dobbies Sports & Social Club.
  • Elton and Walshaw Junior Football Club.
  • Forever Bury Football Club.
  • King George V Holdings. 
  • Marauders Football Club.
  • Old Standians Football Club.
  • Phoenix Junior Football Club.
  • Prestwich Heys Amateur Football Club.
  • Radcliffe Girls Football Club.
  • Radcliffe Junior Football Club.
  • Ramsbottom United Junior Football Club.
  • Ringley Park Rangers Football Club.
  • Seedfield Sports Club Junior Football Section.
  • Shakers United JFC.
  • Stand Athletic Football Club.
  • Summerseat Junior Football Club.
  • The Dukes of Ainsworth Football Club.
  • Unsworth JFC.
  • Walshaw Junior Football Club.
  • Walshaw Park Junior Football Club.
  • Westbury Sports Club - Football.
  • Whitefield Galaxy.
  • Woodbank Junior Football Club.


  • Bury Goalball Club.

Golf clubs

  • Pike Fold Golf Club.
  • Stand Golf Club.
  • Walmersley Golf Club.
  • Whitefield Golf Club.

Gymnastics clubs

  • Bury Gymnastics Club.

Hockey clubs

  • Bury & Elton Hockey Club.
  • Bury Grammar School Old Boys Hockey Club.
  • Bury Jaguars Junior Hockey Club.

Martial arts clubs

  • Black Panther Karate.  
  • Bury Red Sun Karate.
  • Champions Taekwondo Academy.
  • Family Martial Arts Centre.
  • KSD Karate  
  • Peel Shukokia Karate & Rising Sun Karate Association.
  • North West Chinese Kickboxing.
  • Red Tiger Karate Club.
  • Shootbox - Mixed Martial Arts Club.
  • The Dragon Academy (Mixed Martial Arts and Streetdance)
  • The Imperial Dojo - Martial Arts.
  • United Styles Karate Academy.

Mixed sports clubs

  • Jigsaw Sports Group.
  • Manchester Maccabi Community and Sports Club.
  • Prestwich Cricket, Tennis and Bowling Club.

Netball clubs

  • Bury YMCA Netball Club.

Parkour and Free Running

  • Nuperspektiv Parkour

Roller skating clubs

  • Avalon Roller Skating Club.

Rounders clubs

  • Bury Rounder's League.

Rugby clubs

  • Bury Broncos Amateur Rugby League Football Club.
  • Bury Rugby Union Football Club.
  • Sedgely Park Rugby Union Football Club.

Sailing clubs

  • Elton Sailing Club.

Squash clubs

  • Fairways Lodge & Leisure Club

Swimming clubs

  • Bury and Elton Amateur Swimming Club.
  • Radcliffe Swimming Club.
  • Ramsbottom Amateur Swimming Club.

Table tennis clubs

  • Ramsbottom Table Tennis.

Tennis clubs

  • Elton Vale Tennis Club.
  • Hawkshaw Tennis Club.
  • Holcombe Brook Tennis Club.
  • Walmer Tennis Club.


  • Bury Trampoline Club.
  • Radcliffe Satellite Centre Trampoline Club.

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