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Meals on wheels/community meals

Information for the residents of Bury on community meals.

Volunteer delivering meals on wheels

Nature of the service - what is it?

To provide a delivery of hot and frozen meals to the elderly or vulnerable in their own homes. Regular visits to customers by meals service delivery staff can also offer a means of keeping in touch and alert in emergencies. iCare is the preferred supplier for Bury Council community meals.

Who is eligible?

The service is open to all adults who live in Bury.

How do you apply?

You can apply for meals by contacting iCare, Bury Council's preferred supplier for community meals. An officer will then discuss your individual needs and make a request for the meals service if appropriate. The Bury Directory will give you more information or you can email  or ring 0161 797 3400.

Range of provision

The range of services available include:

  • a traditional meat or fish dish with potatoes & vegetables;
  • a vegetarian meal;
  • Kosher & Halal meals.
  • Frozen meals

All meals include a dessert.

In addition we cater for specific dietary requirements such as:

  • low fat meals;
  • low salt meals;
  • diabetic meals;
  • gluten free meals;
  • soft meals.

The tea time service will comprise of a sandwich and cake or a specific diabetic alternative.

The meals are distributed from the kitchen at the Community Meals Centre in Wellington Road, Bury. This kitchen was purpose built in 2000 as a regeneration kitchen and is run by iCare and the team all hold the Basic Food Hygiene certificates.

The Community Meals kitchen complies with all current hygiene legislation.

Payment for the service

Payment for the meals service are paid direct to iCare by direct debit. Individual circumstances will be discussed where appropriate.


iCare aims to provide service users with good quality food delivered at the correct temperature either frozen, chilled or hot.

If the meal is supplied hot, the meals service recommends that it should be eaten as soon as it is delivered to ensure optimum quality and safety. No part of hot delivered meal should be re-heated or saved for later in the day.


iCare cares about the service it provides and values its customers.

How is Community Meals doing?

iCare undertakes regular consultation with the people that use its services to make sure that the services being provided meets people's needs. Results of the consultation can be found on the Yearly Satisfaction Survey section of the Adult Care Services page.

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