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Telling us you have moved home

We need to know if you are

  • moving into Bury,
  • moving out of Bury, or
  • changing address within the borough.

The easiest way to let us know you are moving is to use our on line change of address form.

If you move into Bury from another council you will need to let the council responsible for your old address know that you have moved. If you move out of the Bury area, you will need to contact the council responsible for your new address, to let them know you have moved.

Council tax is worked out on a daily basis, so if you move home, you will be billed up to the date of the move at your old address and then you will be sent a bill for your new address.

If you have paid too much at your old address we will transfer the balance to your new account. If you move outside the Bury area we will refund the money to you.

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