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Parking in Bury town centre

There are plenty of convenient car parking spaces in Bury town centre. There are car parks and on street car parking. All council owned car parks and on street parking places are free after 6pm, until 8am the following morning.

The council also provides free car parking throughout the borough. 

pdf icon View or download a map of Bury town centre car parks [1Mb] 

Bury town centre council car park charges (Mondays to Saturdays). On Sundays there is a £1 standard charge.
Car park

Regular spaces

Disabled spacesUp to 1 hourUp to 2 hoursUp to 3 hoursMore than 3 hours
Bolton Street Station, BL9 0LQ944-£2.00£2.30£5.00
Foundry Street, BL9 7AZ1355-£2.00£2.30£5.00
George Street, BL9 0QT551-£2.00£2.30£5.00
Irwell Street, BL9 0LL351-£2.00£2.30£5.00
Manchester Road, BL9 0SY(entrance on Belle Vue Terrace) 914-£2.00£2.30£5.00
Moorgate, BL9 7AQ242£1.00£2.00£2.30£5.00
Parsons Lane, BL9 0LY (behind Wilkinsons) 12716-£2.00£2.30£10.00
Parsons Lane North, BL9 0LY210-£2.00£2.30£10.00
The Castle, BL9 0EY (entrance on Bolton Street)342-£2.00£2.30£10.00
The Market, BL9 0RN (entrance on Spring Street)42025-£2.00£2.30£5.00
Trinity Street, BL9 0BT2218-£2.00£2.30£5.00
Car parkRegular spacesDisabled spaces

Up to 10 minutes

Up to 1 hourUp to 2 hoursUp to 3 hoursUp to 4 hoursMore than 4 hours
Castle Leisure Centre BL9 0HE (entrance on Irwell Street)2127



There are also the following private car parks in Bury town centre. Please see the links to their websites (where available) for prices and facilities.

  • Angouleme Retail Park, BL9 0BZ
  • Moorgate Retail Park, BL9 7AQ
  • Woodfield Retail Park, Peel Way, BL9 5BY

Bury town centre on-street parking - locations and charges (Mondays to Saturdays). On Sundays there is a £1 standard charge.
LocationNo of spacesUp to 30 minutesUp to 1 hourUp to 2 hoursUp to 3 hoursUp to 4 hours
Back Market Street, BL9 0DF10£1.00£1.70---
Bank Street, BL9 0DN13£1.00£1.70---
Bland Street/Moor Street, BL9 5AQ32£0.50£0.70£1.40£1.90£2.40
Bolton Street, BL9 0XX29£1.00£1.70£2.50--
Broad Street, BL9 0DA8£1.00£1.70---
Castlecroft Road, BL9 0LN19£1.00£1.70£2.50--
Cecil Street, BL9 0SB16£1.00£1.70£2.50--
George Street, BL9 0QT28£1.00£1.70£2.50--
Glenmore Street, BL9 0ST4£1.00£1.70£2.50--
Hornby Street, BL9 5AQ11£0.50£0.70£1.40£1.90£2.40
Irwell Street, BL9 0HE8£1.00£1.70£2.50--
Knowsley Street, BL9 0SN57£1.00£1.70£2.50--
Manchester Road, BL9 0DR26£1.00£1.70£3.40--
Market Place, BL9 0LD7£1.00£1.70---
Market Street, BL9 0DB (nr Bury College)41£1.00£1.70£2.50--
Moss Street, BL9 0DF5£1.00£1.70---
North Back Rock, BL9 0LY5£1.00£1.70£2.50--
Parsons Lane, BL9 0JT14£1.00£1.70£2.50--
St. Mary's Place, BL9 0DZ22£1.00£1.70£3.40--
Silver Street, BL9 0EU21£1.00£1.70£3.40--
The Rock, BL9 0JP (nr Bury Parish Church)16£1.00£2.00---
The Wylde, BL9 0JP20£1.00£1.70£3.40--
Tithebarn Street, BL9 0JR7£1.00£1.70---

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