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Budgets and spending

Information on budgets, external funding and accounts.

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Information about the Council's proposals for setting balanced and sustainable budgets, and contains key reports, lists of savings options as they are published, the text of speeches, details of how you can have your say.

Council Approves 2012/13 Budget and Council Tax

The Full Council met at 7pm on Wednesday 22 February to approve its spending plans and Council Tax levels for 2012/13. The council has to make £8.9 million of savings in 2012-13.

The Council approved the following;

  • A Revenue Budget of approximately £130 million - to cover running costs of essential services. This Budget is funded jointly by Central Government and the Council Tax Payer.
  • A Capital Programme of approximately £15 million - representing investment in the Borough's infrastructure and assets, e.g. schools, highways, housing. These costs will be fully funded by Government Grant / external funding agencies. The Council is not undertaking any new borrowing to fund the Capital Programme.
  • A Housing Revenue Account budget of approximately £30m - in respect of the costs of providing over 8,000 Council houses. These costs are funded through Government Grants, and rents paid by Council House tenants.

Council Tax levels are to remain frozen at the same cash amount as last year (2011/12). This means that a band D property will pay £1456.73

For further information about paying Council Tax online or by direct debit  and information about Council Tax benefit take a look at our council tax web page via the link on the right hand side of this page. 

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