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Contract parking passes

Contract parking passes are available for people who regularly park in Bury town centre. They are a cheaper alternative to paying for your parking on a daily basis.

Make a new application, or renew your pass

Complete the form, make your payment on line and your permit will be sent to you within 3 working days.

How much does it cost?

Contract parking permits are available for different lengths of time: 

Contract parking permits
Length of permit Cost for Monday to Friday Cost for Monday to Saturday
3 months£215£265
6 months£430£530
9 months£645£795
12 months£860£1060

There are four different starting dates throughout the year of 1st April, 1st July 1st October and 1st January. If you apply in the middle of one of these periods you will be charged the pro-rata rate up to the start date of the next 3 month period.

Where can I park

The permit allows you to park in the following Council car parks in Bury town centre.

  • Bolton Street Station
  • Bury Market
  • Castle Leisure Centre
  • Foundry Street
  • George Street
  • Irwell Street
  • Manchester Road
  • Moorgate
  • Trinity Street

Who can apply?

We can only accept applications for named individuals. If you are applying on behalf of a business we need you to specify who each permit is for.

The permit will be valid for up two vehicles, and you will need to let us know their registration numbers. The permit is transferable between the named vehicles but it can only valid for any one of them at any one time. We can only issue permits for private cars and other vehicles less than 3.5 tonnes gross in weight.

If you change the car listed on your permit, please contact us to let us know. Please do not alter the permit yourself as this will make it invalid.

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