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Clarence Park


Walmersley Road (park), Milner Avenue (lido)

Grid Ref: Grid Ref: (E) 381139, (N) 412177
Area: 20.02

A brief introduction to Clarence Park

Clarence Park opened as a public park in 1888 and is the largest urban local community public park in the Borough. The park is approximately 20.02 hectares, located just over a mile from Bury town centre in an area named Moorside.

Clarence Park is adjoined by Miss Walkers Field and Clarence lido. It is also bordered by Chesham Woods and Chesham local nature reserve.

Clarence lido

Clarence lido is a pleasant facility within the park offering the opportunity for quiet relaxation away from the hustle and bustle. The lake is surrounded by formal seating and is home to the model boat club. Also located on the vicinity of Clarence lido is the "Jubilee Centre" (over fifties club).


Access to Clarence Park can be gained via the main entrance next to the park lodge on Walmersley Road or by alternative entrances on Hamilton Street, Royal Avenue and Walmersley Road.

The park is fairly level throughout with well-maintained footways and is, therefore, accessible to people with disabilities and families with push-chairs.

The main bus routes that pass near to the park are numbers 465 474 479 482 483 484 x85.


  • 2 bowling greens. For more information see 'More about parks' on the right of this page.
  • Football pitch
  • Children's play area
  • Skate park
  • 2 tennis courts
  • Fishing
  • Bandstand
  • Over fifties' club at the Jubilee Centre
  • Model boats on the lido
  • Angling on the lido
  • Car park at the lido