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How to claim housing benefit and council tax support

We will process your applications for housing benefit and council tax support together. We will also use the information in your claim to check if you are entitled to free school meals.

You can make an application by following one of the steps below:

Are you already claiming housing benefit and/or council tax support?

If you are already claiming housing benefit or council tax support we do not need you to fill out a full claim form again. We just need you to let us know why your circumstances have changed.

Have you made a claim through Jobcentre Plus or the Pension Service?

If you have made a claim with the Jobcentre Plus or the Pension Service for any of the benefits listed below you could have also made a claim for housing benefit at the same time. The eligible benefits are:

  • income support;
  • jobseeker's allowance;
  • employment support allowance; or
  • pension credit.

This claim will be forwarded onto us, and we will use the information you provided to work out your entitlement to housing benefit. We will then write to you to let you know how much benefit you are entitled to.

We are not able to accept applications for council tax support made via Jobcentre Plus or the Pension Service. Instead we will need you to complete one of our on line claim forms, please see below for details.

Make a claim direct to us

In all other cases you need to make a claim with us directly, using our online claim form.

The form will take approximately 20 - 30 minutes to complete. You do not need to complete the on line application in one sitting, you can stop and then return to it later.

Fast tracking

Once you have submitted an on line claim form we can offer a fast track processing service. Contact the Benefits Service on 0161 253 5858 to book an appointment at Whittaker Street in Radcliffe to provide all evidence in support of the claim.

At the appointment a member of staff will check through your claim and make sure you have provided the evidence we need to see.  Providing we have everything we need to pay the claim it will be assessed within 2 working days.

Need help or advice with making an application?

Contact us if you need help filling in the form. Please telephone us initially in order that we can answer your queries over the phone or if necessary book an appointment at our Whittaker Street, Radcliffe offices. All our contact details can be found at the top right hand corner of this page.

If you have difficulty making an application because you are elderly or disabled, we may be able to visit you at home. Please contact us to arrange a home visit.

If you tell us that you want to apply but cannot do it immediately, perhaps because you need us to visit you, we will treat the date you first contacted us as the date of your claim as long as we receive your application within a month.


We usually need evidence to support your application, but do not delay sending us your claim for this. Get a claim to us as soon as you can and send the evidence later.

If you have difficulty providing evidence we will provide support where we can, for example by arranging to visit you to collect information.

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