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e-Planning - general public

Welcome to the e-Planning Service for the general public

Use the information and links in this page to find out about planning in your area and about development around your own home.

You can also apply for planning permission electronically as well as comment on a planning application and track its progress.

Find out about planning applications and appeals submitted in Bury

Go to our planning applications and appeals quick search page to find out about planning applications submitted in Bury. You will be able to search for applications that have been registered and determined by Bury Council. The data displayed on these pages is updated daily.

Comment on a planning application

Go to our advanced planning search page to comment on a planning application, search for a planning application and complete and submit an application comment form.

Planning Committee and Delegated Decisions

Go to our Planning Committee web page to find out about the Planning Committee Meetings and the Council's scheme of delegation.

Planning advice

Go to our Planning information and advice web pages for advice about planning permission and general advice on all planning matters.

The Planning Portal web site provides detailed information about all planning issues and, in particular, what does and does not need planning permission. Go to the Planning Portal A-Z of common projects to find out more.

Submit a planning application

Go to the Planning Portal web site to use the online planning application service to start a new planning application or work with an existing application.

View planning applications on an internet map

Go to the Bury internet mapping page where you can view applications submitted since 1999 and link to our online planning register for more details.

Find out about plans we have for your area

Go to the Bury internet mapping page to view the online Unitary Development Plan proposals map.

Go to the planning policy pages to view the current Unitary Development Plan and see how we are getting on with the new Local Plan which will guide the development of Bury in the future

Search for enforcement notices

Go to the planning enforcement notices search page to look for notices that have been served by Bury Council. The data displayed in this page is updated daily.

Let us know what you think about the Planning Service

Bury Metro Planning Service regularly seeks customer feedback because your views and opinions are important to us. Please let us know what you think about our services to you - what you like, what you don't like and your suggestions for improvements.  You can let us have your views by gong to 'Contact us' at the right-hand side of this web page.

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