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Councillors and committees

Council Chamber


This page contains details of the political leadership of the Council, cabinet members, portfolios, political make-up of the Council the current Civic Mayor and a list of newly elected Councillors.

You can also use the links on the right of the page to ask your Councillor a question, view the Council Constitution and download a know your Councillor poster.

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2014 / 2015


  • Leader of the Council - Councillor M Connolly
  • Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member Health and Wellbeing - Councillor R Shori

Cabinet Portfolios

  • Communities and Culture - Councillor J Lewis
  • Resource and Regulation - Councillor S Walmsley
  • Environment - Councillor A Isherwood
  • Children and Young People - Councillor G Campbell

Deputy Cabinet Members

  • Protection and Family Intervention - Councillor P Heneghan
  • Modernisation and Efficiency - Councillor J Black
  • Healthier Living - Councillor A Simpson
  • Safer and Cohesive Communities - Councillor S Briggs
  • Sustainable Borough - Councillor S Southworth
  • Wellbeing - Councillor T Tamoor

Opposition Leadership

  • Opposition Leader - Councillor I Gartside
  • Opposition Deputy Leader - Councillor J Daly

Mayor of Bury

  • Councillor M Wiseman 
  • Ms D Wiseman (Mayoress)

Deputy Mayor

  • Councillor S Briggs 

Political make-up of the Council

  • Bury is a Labour controlled Council
  • There are 51 seats on the Council
  • There are three seats in each of the seventeen wards
  • Labour: 36 Councillors
  • Conservative: 11 Councillors
  • Liberal Democrat: 1 Councillor
  • Independent: 3 Councillors

Councillors elected on 22 May 2014

  • Besses Ward - Councillor M Whitby
  • Church Ward - Councillor S Nuttall
  • East Ward - Councillor T Holt
  • Elton Ward - Councillor S Kerrison
  • Holyrood Ward - Councillor T Pickstone
  • Moorside Ward - Councillor S Walmsley
  • North Manor Ward - Councillor J Daly
  • Pilkington Park Ward - Councillor J Mallon
  • Radcliffe East Ward - Councillor N Parnell
  • Radcliffe North Ward - Councillor J Lewis
  • Radcliffe West Ward - Councillor R Shori
  • Ramsbottom Ward - Councillor I Bevan
  • Redvales Ward - Councillor T Tariq
  • Sedgley Ward - Councillor A Quinn
  • St Mary's Ward - Councillor E O'Brien
  • Tottington Ward - Councillor I Gartside
  • Unsworth Ward - Councillor P Adams

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