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Councillors and committees

Council Chamber


This page contains details of the political leadership of the Council, cabinet members, portfolios, political make-up of the Council the current Civic Mayor and a list of newly elected Councillors. For the complete list of all councillors please use the link below to the external site.

You can also use the links on the right of the page to ask your Councillor a question, view the Council Constitution and download a 'Know your Councillor' poster.

Go to our external web site to view meeting dates, agendas, reports and other information

2015 / 2016


  • Leader of the Council - Councillor M Connolly
  • Deputy Leader of the Council - Councillor R Shori

Cabinet Portfolios and Members

  • Business Engagement and Regeneration - Councillor M Connolly
  • Member Finance and Housing - Councillor R Shori
  • Communities - Councillor J Lewis
  • Resource and Regulation - Councillor S Walmsley
  • Environment - Councillor A Isherwood
  • Children and Young People - Councillor P Hennigan
  • Health and Wellbeing - Councillor A Simpson

Deputy Cabinet Members

  • Families and Culture - Councillor E O'Brien
  • Finance and Housing - Councillor J Black
  • Communities - Councillor J Kelly
  • Health and Wellbeing - Councillor T Tariq

Opposition Leadership

  • Opposition Leader - Councillor I Gartside
  • Opposition Deputy Leader - Councillor J Daly

Mayor of Bury 2015/16

  • Councillor Stella Smith
  • Mr J Smith (Mayor's Consort)

Deputy Mayor and Mayoress

  • Councillor M Wiseman 
  • Miss D Wiseman

Political make-up of the Council

  • Bury is a Labour Party controlled Council
  • There are 51 seats on the Council
  • There are three seats in each of the seventeen wards
  • Labour: 35 Councillors
  • Conservative: 12 Councillors
  • Liberal Democrat: 2 Councillor
  • Independent: 2 Councillors

Councillors elected on 7 May 2015

  • Besses Ward - Councillor A Matthews
  • Church Ward - Councillor J Harris
  • East Ward - Councillor M Connolly
  • Elton Ward - Councillor  M Hankey
  • Holyrood Ward - Councillor M D'Albert
  • Moorside Ward - Councillor S Southworth
  • North Manor Ward - Councillor K Hussain
  • Pilkington Park Ward - Councillor B Caserta
  • Radcliffe East Ward - Councillor C Preston 
  • Radcliffe North Ward - Councillor J Walker
  • Radcliffe West Ward - Councillor R Skillen
  • Ramsbottom Ward - Councillor R Hodkinson 
  • Redvales Ward - Councillor J Kelly
  • Sedgley Ward - Councillor M James
  • St Mary's Ward - Councillor N Bayley 
  • Tottington Ward - Councillor Y Wright 
  • Unsworth Ward - Councillor J Grimshaw 

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