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Bin collection days

Blue bin collection

Find out when we will empty your bins

You can use our online search at the end of this web page to find out when we plan to collect your household rubbish and recycling, to look up details of your next collection and to check your collection dates for the next 3 months. Use the search options below to enter either your post code and house number or your house number and street or road. Then click on 'search' to be taken to a link to the collection details for the address you specified. You can view your collection details online and also print off your calendar if you want to.  

Make forgetting to put your bins out a thing of the past ... Sign-up for our e-mail alerts!

Sign-up for our email alerts and we'll send you a reminder telling you which of your bins are due to be emptied the following day.  Key in your property details below and click on 'Search'.  Click through to your calendar details, pop your email address down in the box provided and click on 'Sign-up for e-mail alerts'.  Then follow the instructions in the email we send you.  It's really quick and easy and you can unsubscribe any time you wish.  

Waste collection changes

From the second week in October we are changing the way we collect household waste.  Collection routes and collection days and times will change for most residents. How often we empty bins will also change for most residents.  Go to the 'Your questions answered' web page for more information about the changes.

Please note: If during October any of your collections are overly delayed, due to the changes to our collection routes, we will arrange a one-off extra collection in your area. If this applies to you we will send you a leaflet to tell you when the extra collection will take place.