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Substance misuse

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If you are looking for help for yourself, or a member of your family who has a substance misuse problem we have provided a list of the drug services within the Bury area. There is also information in the links on the right.

Drug and alcohol services in Bury

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For the first time, the 2010 drug strategy brings together all substance misuse interventions. That is, it includes treatment and support options that will address dependency to drugs, alcohol, 'legal highs' and over the counter medicines. The main aim of the strategy is to assist individuals to fully recover from their addictions.

We want to know what you think, and you can help us by taking part in the consultation and completing a questionnaire.

To take part you can complete an online questionnaire or print the downloadable version and return in the post. The questionnaires are available to the right of this page.

The consultation will start on Tuesday 1 October and continue for 12 weeks.

Bury Substance Misuse Service

The Community Drug and Alcohol Team provide information, advice and treatment relating to drug and alcohol use. These include comprehensive assessments, individual key worker sessions, relapse prevention, needle exchange and a prescribing service.

Early Break young people's drug and alcohol service

If you are aged 18 or under, or are a parent or carer of someone aged 18 or under, you can contact Early Break. The team can offer advice and information over the phone or can arrange an appointment to meet on a one-to-one basis. Interventions include specialist harm reduction, non-prescribing treatment and targeted early intervention. The team can be contacted at:

Senator House, 7-11 Bury Road, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 2UG.
Tel: 0161-723-3880

Alcohol Health Trainers

The Health Trainers support people identified as having low level alcohol related issues and promote a sensible approach to drinking. Support will include advice and information at various locations in the local community, guidance on achievable goals, referrals to other supportive agencies and follow up sessions to discuss any further issues. The team can be contacted at:

Tel: 0845-071-0699.

National Services & Helplines.

For additional information about the most commonly used drugs, contact some of the national services listed below with web links in 'Offsite links' to the right of the page:

  • FRANK,
    Phone: 0800-77-66-00.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous,
    Phone: 0845-769-7555.
  • Narcotics Anonymous,
    Phone: 0300-999-1212.
  • Drink Aware,
    Phone: 020-7307-7450.
  • Drug Scope
    Phone: 020-7520-7550.

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