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Street lighting

More information about your new LED street lights

Why do we need street lighting?

Whilst there is no statutory duty to provide street lighting, it is important as it gives pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicle users more confidence and a greater sense of personal safety when using highways, cycle tracks, footpaths and safe routes to school after dark.

It is well documented that good public lighting can reduce night-time accidents by 30% and a recent Home Office Research Study has shown that crime can be reduced by up to 30% in areas where improved lighting has been installed.

Street lighting routine maintenance

There are approximately 18,000 street lights and 2,500 illuminated traffic signs or bollards within the Borough.
A rolling programme of maintenance is in place. Each lighting column is visited every 36 months to carry out one of three maintenance operations. These are:

  • Lamp bulk change
  • Clean and inspection
  • Electrical test

In addition to this approximately 800 street lighting columns are painted and more than 700 street lighting columns are structurally tested each year. On average, 9,000 faults to street lights are repaired each year.

The maintenance programme outlined above allows us to keep all the street lights within the Borough in good condition.

As the council no longer has a night inspection service, we do rely on residents and members of the public to reports any street lighting faults to us.

In conservation areas, and areas of architectural interest, ornate street lighting is used to enhance and compliment the area and help in providing a more pleasing environment.

Your questions answered

How do I report a problem with a street light?

To report a problem with a street light you need to go to Report a Problem and select Street Lights or Contact Highway Network Service Online. Please use the links at the right-hand side of this web page.

If the problem is an emergency and outside office hours phone: 0161 253 6606.

What is a street light emergency?

If a street light is damaged it may be dangerous, especially if the wiring at the base of the lighting column can be seen. You should not attempt to cover up or touch the wires as you could seriously injury or electrocute yourself. Contact us immediately so that we can make it safe. If necessary please warn children to stay away from the danger.

What information do I need to supply?

To help us find and repair the street light as quickly as possible we need you to provide us with as much information as you can, including: following:

  • the name of the road or street that the light is in;
  • the district within Bury that the road is in;
  • the number on the lighting column (the number on the lighting column is usually on the road side but if you don't know the number please tell us the nearest property or house number);
  • What the fault is.

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